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How do I free up hard drive space on my laptop?

Asked by sparkky (93points) October 31st, 2007 from iPhone

my iTunes music, tv, and photo collection have sucked up all of the space on my laptop. Help. I’d like to avoid dragging around an external hard drive. 120 gb gone.

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A bookshelf can only hold so many books, CD’s and DVD’s. You probably don’t want to compress them and lose quality, so you’re either going to have to offload some of the media you don’t use as often to another storage device or start reducing clutter. It’s not a complicated issue; space is space and there isn’t a magic wand to wave to make more of it without a cost.

If it’s a laptop that runs a microsoft OS, then you can probably find a couple of GB of space by deleting Temp files and the like, but your real data hogs are the media you mentioned.

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8GB flash drive

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Well that’s gonna help… “120 gb gone.” he says…

You could also backup the entire pc + media + settings, and replace your harddrive in the laptop…

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Try freeing up space by cleaning up your temporary files. (if you are using windows, you can use CCleaner to clean up unwanted space on your hard drive.
Secondly upload all your pictures online (on sites like Zooomr).
Also if all your songs fit on your music player, back up the songs on your external Hard rive and delete them oof your hard drive. WHen u want to listen to music, just plug in your music player (hopefully an iPod)
Also make sure to find out what is actually eating all the space on your hard drive. Theres are some good applications that let you do so in full detail like WinDirStat (for PC).

IF all else fails, remember you can always upgrade your laptop to a new hard drive with more memory (plus laptop hard drives are really easy to replace)

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I agree with mirza. A HD upgrade is probably the best way to go. I had the same problem with my MacBook so I swapped the 60 gig HD for a 250 gig HD. It’s nice to finally have all of my music and movies in one place now!

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I also agree with mizra – upgrade your HD. I’ve had similar problems, but downloaded lots of older photos to CD’s and keep only the most current on my Mac laptop.

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