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What do you consider to be your child's (under 18) greatest achievement?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 17th, 2009

Here’s your chance to brag about your kid(s). It’s also interesting to see what kind of things parents admire in their children. Be as descriptive as you wish.

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Staying alive.
My boys were born nearly thirty years ago at twenty six weeks gestation. Neo natal medicne was in it’s infancy and we were not given a very good prognosis.

We were incrediably lucky.

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at 2 years old…right now…the fact that he shows people that he loves them in many ways

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My son is 20 months…
Verbally he can talk in complete sentences, not many..but he can do at least three different sentences.
He is very inquisitive, and whenever he wants to figure out how something works..he’ll take it apart and put it back together. He’s been doing this since he’s had the coordination.
He is learning that you do not need to use tongue to show affection. Although, he still tries to tongue me…I’m the only one who gets those “special” kisses.
He headbutts to show affection. I think it’s quite creative and shows his personality.
When it’s nap or bedtime, if I have the tv on, he’ll run and shut it off. I like to think he takes pointers from me, on how to save money on the electric bill.
He knows boogers come from his nose, and he’ll keep digging until he finds one to play with.
Anytime a piano is near, he has to play it. He loves anything musical. We dance every day to sesame street songs.
I think the greatest though, is what Lynne said. The fact that he can show me affection and love just melts me all over. He’ll come and hug me, or reach up for my hand, or when we’re cuddling in bed he has to be touching me in some way…last night it was by resting his hand on my lips so I could keep kissing him.

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My son is not a “school person”. He is smart but just not interested. He wasn’t getting good grades because he wouldn’t do his homework or study. Finally after I tried every possible solution, I told him if he wanted to work at McDonalds all his life that’s fine with me, but he is moving out at 18.
This year he started high school, and besides a few minor slip ups he has really gotten his act together. I’m very proud how he made the decision on his own and how he is starting to think about his future. I’m also proud that he tries so hard and succeeds at sports and drums.
My daughter has always done well in school so I’m proud of that. She works hard in cheerleading, has good team spirit and is friendly to everyone. She is a great artist and very helpful when I’m having a bad day.
I think parents are proud of their kids no matter the achievments they make.
I guess I’m most proud that my kids are open minded and have kept my values in their minds and hearts.

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I’ve bragged plenty about my children’s academic accomplishments, so I won’t go there right now. My oldest son is 16 and I am very proud that he has stayed true to himself. Many of his friends from grade school have given in to peer pressure, but not my son. He finds it very hard to do anything that is morally wrong. I feel that this is one of his greatest accomplishments and I know that I have raised a thoughtful young man that will make a great contribution to society.

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My son is almost 2 and is pretty smart. In detail, he knows his numbers to 20, recognizes all the letters of the alphabet, can read Mommy, Daddy, and his first and last names, most colors (I mean, he would say “purple” not “magenta”), and his motor coordination skills are better than mine. I think he could probably play Operation if we had it.

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@ubersiren bloody helll! that’s some going!

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After considerable thought… I am happy my children are really nice people whom I enjoy spending time with. Everyday is an achievement.

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My kids are articulate, caring, well-rounded individuals who scream of personality.
My daughter is an amazingly confident teenager who actually admits to liking her dad and me. She is smart. She is a critical thinker who is concerned with social issues and wants to pursue a career in politics. She lettered in track her freshman year, and is a talented athlete overall. She’s a pretty cool kid.

My oldest son has the most tender, truest heart. He is also socially aware, loves history, and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. As a middle school student, he has found his niche. He is compassionate and kind, but forget trying to mess with him because he’s a huge advocate for himself. He will always make sure I’m OK, and I love him for that.

My youngest son is an 80-year-old man trapped in a boy’s body. The kid has the presence and endearing personality of one with much more experience. He is also socially aware and is willing to debate politics (at 11) with anyone. He’s also a great advocate for himself and is confident and independent.

My kids are amazing. I love looking at them, listening to them, and being around them. Each has a pretty healthy self concept and each has confidence. To me, those are accomplishments that cannot be measured with awards or recognition, but will foster success and personal satisfaction far beyond childhood.

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my kids keep “besting” themselves school year after school year. they are a gifted bunch, so it’s kinda hard to put a day or date or time on their achievements because they keep excelling. yeah, guess i’m braggin’

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You mean besides her ability to lie?

That she was born with a sense of humor.
That she is resilient and forgiving.
That’s she is willing to try new things.
That she has a positive outlook (when she is not over reacting to something and drawing on the )(*^)# furniture…

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Learning to speak 4 languages before she was even 4. And write in 2 of them.

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@Jack79 what languages?

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@Jack79 : Good grief!

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English, Greek, German and Polish. She’s more fluent in Greek than any of them, but we speak English most of the time and she’s lived in Germany and Poland, and you know how fast kids pick these up. It was scary when her Polish started getting better than mine and she’d tell me things I wouldn’t understand. Had to use a dictionary sometimes.

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i am my own child.
jk :)

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My oldest was always a very well behaved child, and took to computers like a duck to water, just like his dad.

My youngest was the youngest student ever admitted to the San Diego School of Baseball; the youngest Square Dancer to ever perform at Sea World; on champion baseball teams through out his 10 year Little League career; and danced in Nutcracker with the Sacramento Ballet.

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