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What are things I can do to make my life more exciting?

Asked by mowens (8392points) March 17th, 2009

Because it is boring, and I feel like I am not living to my fullest potential.

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Learn another language. Whether it’s your second or your your seventeenth, knowing more than one language will spruce up your life and expand your possibilities.

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Become an expert at something…anything…the more knowledge and the more you become engrossed in something that interests you…the more interesting people you meet. Go to random off-the-wall places you wouldn’t normally consider. Go out of your way to take yourself out of your element…

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Learn to beatbox or breakdance.

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Please tell us what ‘exciting’ means to you. Is it different from ‘interesting’? To a lot of people, excitement goes with some kind of risk; to others it is about greater variety and color. Which do you mean?

[Edit] Also, what’s your age range, are you in school, do you have big responsibilities such as children, do you have liberal financing or are you on a budget, and are you looking more for physical, emotional, or intellectual excitement?

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How old are you? What do you do? How much free time do you have, and what time of day is this time available? Also, what Jeruba asked.

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Go out in drag every Tuesday night.

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I am 25, I am in IT, I do computer work during the day. I swim almost every day after work. Exciting, to me is something exciting or fulfilling- it could be interesting but I simply dare to be different. Which seems to get increasingly harder the older I get.

I have a very odd schedule. I do a lot of traveling for work, and the only thing that ever stays constant is that I do not work weekends. It is a very strange schedule now that I have tried to type it out I realize this.

I am home by 7 PM most nights, sometimes later and sometimes sooner, I usually dont know until the day of where I am going.

Being in IT, I never know what is going to break.

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i usually hang out with friends on the weekend, and I love doing it, I just feel like im being mediocore.

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i was recently considering

rock climbing
going on a date with a girl
some form of dance group
burying myself in books for 40 days
i.e. no tv or… computer the latter i thought was a seriously BAD idea
saving for a full body massage
seeing how far i can push the boundaries of my imagination and then…
acting upon it…

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in light of your new comment oh… in which case i would suggest going to a foreign country…somewhere that is spectacularly beautiful and that is packed with very interesting people…obviously that you’ve never been to before

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Another thing to do is consider volunteering in some way that fits your interests. Are you musical? Play at a hospice, nursing home, assisted living center. Are you outdoorsy? Volunteer at a local national or state park. Are you handy with tools or a carpenter?

Doing things for others makes you feel good about yourself, and it is an incredible learning experience—for you. If your time with your friends is boring, do it as a group.

Also, think about things you enjoyed as a kid. Why not pursue them?

Life is what you make it. Go to a beach. Go on a picnic. Organize a volleyball, baseball, football or soccer game. A long-distance bike ride. Exercise lifts your spirits and it’s darn fun!

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Offer your “gift” to someone else.

mind outta the gutter, peeps

Whatever you’re good at, whatever you like to do…figure out a way to share that either through a club, giving a class, or through volunteering.

I think you’ll find life much more rewarding through sharing.

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Find a partner. The right partner makes everything more exciting.
Even the search can be exciting.

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scuba dive or sky dive.

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Despite these friends on the weekend (perhaps only in the evening?), it seems to me that you lack for consistent company. You sound like you’re doing computer repairs, so that takes you on the road, and you don’t have the kind of relationships that a person who worked in the same unit or on the same crew every day would have.

Relationships are what make things meaningful. They remove the boredom. The question is how to find these relationships. I had a couple of ideas—maybe a book group; maybe a folk dancing group, but something tells me that’s not your style (although I do believe it would stretch you if you were willing to try). I’m thinking big brothers/big sisters, or a little league kind of thing. If you play sports or are into them, coaching kids can be very rewarding, and you get to meet all the parents, and they’ll probably all try to hook you up with “someone nice.”

Big Brothers allows you to establish a solid relationship with one kid. You might have some techie hobbies—radio? Astronomy? Model building? Whatever. Even if you don’t have one, it could be something to help you build a relationship with the kid. There are many options, and they should be things you have at least some interest in. But remember, the key is that these activities need to connect you with other people. Things done alone will not be as exciting as you probably need.

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Hire a prostitute.

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You could try this if you want to “live on the edge,” although I wouldn’t recommend it.

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lol…I fantasised about this once! @aviona

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…alright…a few times… tee hee

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write a story, then try to act it out, but make it a really crazy story like you need to stop a drug lord from selling any more drugs or something really crazy cuz i bet your life would get pretty nuts if you tried to stop a drug lord… like in mexico or something? but then again that might be way to exciting and possibly deadly? write something cooler then sitting at home and something not as crazy as stopping a drug lord, maybe write a story about taming a pack of wild boar! now that would be exciting and not as dangerous as stopping the druggies! thats all i got.

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Write a list of all the things you’ve ever wanted to do, but didn’t do for whatever reason. Add all the things you think you’d like to do before you die. Make it your mission to do one thing a month. Things done towards accomplishing one of your activities can count, too.

Off to write my own list. Thanks for asking this question!

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Find different ways of getting home. Walk in zig zags or go through back alleys. It’s kinda adventurous, and you get to know your city more. Just bring a GPS system, so you don’t get lost. It might be fun to make a map.

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@augustlan sounds like a bucket list.

@mowens I would follow @Mtl_zack‘s suggestion—only I would do it without the technology of the GPS system. You work with technology all day. Try something that doesn’t require it.

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