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What offbeat sport have you been involved in?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) March 17th, 2009

This is not exactly on point with my question, but I was watching TV while waiting for my pizza to come out of the oven, and they had a game I’d never seen before. It was a combination of soccer, football and rugby. They passed the ball, like rugby, except they could pass it forward. The ball was round like a soccer ball. They could run with the ball, but they had to bounce it off the ground or their foot every few steps. They was both a soccer net and uprights, as in football, and most of the scoring was when they kicked the ball through the uprights. I didn’t see the ball get into the net.

They didn’t wear pads or equipment, just a regular soccer outfit. There was so much running in this, that it nearly wore me out watching it. I don’t know what it is, but it sure looked like a strange, offbeat sport to me.

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We used to play Ha Ha Herman when we were young and cardiovascularly fit. And when we had a dog named Fred and an empty swimming pool.

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Can-Jam and croquet

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wait, so what was it? the closest thing i could think of was handball ? indoors or outdoors?

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Naked leapfrog.

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And then there is jai alai, sort of a dangerous cross between basket weaving and super sonic handball.

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Juggling. And by juggling, I don’t mean namby-pamby fiddling around with burning things to impress some audience, I am referring to a sport that, at its best, is as difficult as any in the world.

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Nude volleyball was my favorite activity.
Nude dodgeball, on the other hand…
Big mistake.

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Nocturnal Frisbee, with glow-in-the-dark frisbees.

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I tried frisbee golf, but I sucked at it as much as I do any sort of sport involving hand eye coordination.

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…and nude darts was an even worse idea.

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How about naked nocturnal frisbee? Sounds fun!

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Olympic Free-Style Drinking.

i am whipping jonsblond’s ass at it right now

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I second night-frisbee!

A glowing disc one of the raddest things the 21st century has brought us – seriously.

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Whirly Ball – a combination of Jai Lai, Basketball and Hockey in bumper cars. This is the greatest drunk sport, ever.

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Extreme Scavenger Hunts.

And flashlight tag! That was the best! You can’t play it anymore in suburbs because you need, you know, a totally dark area and I’m pretty sure those don’t exist anymore in the ‘burbs.

Oh, and geocaching. Which I totally didn’t think of at first because I don’t view it as “off beat”.

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Night Geocaching. Spending the night looking for tiny retroreflectors on trees that guide you to clues which then guide you to the cache hidden deep in the woods. Exciting and exhausting!

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drunken hedge-jumping…
pretending to be a horse basically
but really it involves throwing oneself….
sideways over aforesaid hedge…
(not clever when you’re only 5’2’’)

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Naked Twister and racquetball. Not combined, of course.

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Racquetballs fly WAY too fast; there are enough balls flying in Naked Twister already (if I play my cards right).

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Strip Tiddlywinks.

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Something tells me that people are beginning to make stuff up. Just a tad.

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@daloon: Mine is totally legit!!!!

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@daloon. So is mine. I swear it. =)

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Honest, mine too!

Well, maybe not.

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