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If you were to get rid of one limb on your body, what would it be?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 19th, 2009


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What an odd question! But if I had to choose, I guess it would be my left leg, because it is the one that gives me the most pain. I don’t use it much anymore anyway.

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My right leg. It’s the short one.

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Is he coccyx considered a limb? If so, that. According to this, we apparently don’t need it lol. I’ve broken mine, and it hurt like hell. It still hurts if I sit on it funny. I want it gone.

If you mean which arm or leg, I think I’ll go with left leg also. I think it’d be easier to figure out a prosthetic leg than an arm.

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I would also give up my left leg because it gives me pain. I would have a gun installed on the stub.

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I thought a limb was an arm or a leg.
I’d give up a leg and get mechanical tentacles.

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I’d ditch a leg.

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Hrm… my right ear, I get pimples in it all the time anyway. ;)

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Haha, my answer isn’t all that original, because I would chop my left as well. I got into an accident seven years ago and dislocated my ankle and now I’m developing arthritis there. So, yeah, leg, gone. :)

@mangeons: The ear ones are always painful!

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Left arm if I had to choose. I am VERY right handed.

My left arm basically serves as a counter-weight (although I do use my left hand for keyboard commands, but I could compensate). I could simply hang a prosciutto off of my left shoulder for balance (which would be a great on-the-go snack).

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if i were to ditch a limb it would be a leg. except i would rather ditch both legs and get those kangaroo hopper things than just ditch one and have a prosthetic.

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My tail oh wait…

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Left arm. I’m right handed and I wouldn’t want to loose a leg and have limited mobility.

Besides, I’d want to run away from the crackpot that’s cutting off my limbs!

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So @laxrrockr18, what time will you be by with the saw?

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Left leg, it has a bunch of different problems so i ant run and it hurts to walk and climb stairs

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Also going with the left leg. I like having use of both hands, and my left knee is the one that gives me trouble.

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