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What does LOL mean?

Asked by prasad (3859points) March 21st, 2009

I’ve heard it over many times, but still I’m unsure it’s meaning.
I think lol is one who takes much time to understand a thing. Is it right?
Has it got anything to do with “loll” i.e. to lounge?
Is lol a slang word?

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to Laugh Out Loud

It’s chatspeak. But usually people aren’t actually laughing out loud when they use it.

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Can I use lol to a girl?

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You can use it to anyone, as long as what you think they said was funny

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It’s an online substitute for “haha” basically. It means you thought something was funny.

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Do you have any idea what google is?

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@asmonet yeah, I tried it. But, still I couldn’t understand it.
I’m no good in English, and no one around here talks in English, they mostly use native language other than English.

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Any internet slang is easy to find out if you type it in alone in Google.

Click that for an example.

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@asmonet Thanks!
The real reason for me not using google was I was afraid that lol means something taboo/bad.
I couldn’t search it here in office for that matter.

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@MacBean. Nice link. I might try some of those out just for the hell of it. Or maybe not. I haven’t decided yet. LOL Doh!

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lick out lesbians

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why do people think that writing “LOL” is shorter than writing “ha”? It has the same effect. Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people lol and rofl and lmao at me?

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It’s just a few letters from the alphabet. How annoying can they really be?

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its annoying when someone types them at the end of every sentence lol
even if the said sentence is not funny lol
are they really needed because its not as tho you really laugh out loud lol.
you just sit there and maybe smile lol

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I SO agree!! I hate it when people use LOL or hahaha, etc. And it seems to be mostly females who do it.

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i must disagree with you there Mr M i find males do it just as much if not more.
depending on the age group.
its worse when walking down the street and actually people say LOL and the likes

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Maybe men don’t do it with other men. People SAY LOL???

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yes people really say LOL in real life in the street

guys say lol to me all the time online
so they do say it to other guys

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It was pointed out once on another site that I say LOLLLLLLLLLLL. I KNOW that’s not the way it’s supposed to be written out, but that’s just my way of indicating a big belly laugh. That’s just the way I do it. Who does it hurt? No one. It’s just a little thing I do.

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geez, remind me never to laugh at certain people’s threads

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if you use it too much it means that you should be shunned by the general public.

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@casheroo: For real. o.0

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I’ve always been against LOL. Since I first saw it on AOL in the early 90’s. I say “Heh”

It originally started out, Heh eh… sort of a laughing sound. It got shortend to heh, because I am lazy.

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Yeah…Laugh out loud. If something really makes me laugh, I go LOLLLLLLLLL. Someone once drew it to may attention that it would mean laugh out loud, loud, loud, etc. I don’t care. That’s just the way I express having a big laugh. So sue me! ;-)

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God, this is an old question. I just now noticed that. :-(

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Laugh out Loud

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