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What is the Mac equivalent of control-alt-delete?

Asked by sjg102379 (1245points) November 6th, 2007

What do I do to exit a program on my macbook when it freezes?

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Option-apple-esc (option-command-esc, or option-cloverleafthingy-esc, I think the key changed on the new MacBooks). It gives you a little window titled “Force Quit Applications”, pretty self explanatory. Only works for applications, if you want to hunt and kill smaller, hidden or system processes use Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor)

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Option-Command-esc or you can select Force Quit from the Apple icon menu in the left hand corner to open Force Quit to choose the application you are trying to kill.

A complete list of shortcuts for Mac OS X

And if you are a UNIX geek the other option is to open the Terminal Application, type the command “ps-aux” , find the process that’s running and copy the id number (far left of the screen) and type “Kill whatevertheprocessid#is” and hit Enter.
Good Luck!

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You can also right click (control+click) on the dock icon for the app and you will get a Force Quit option if a application isn’t responding.

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If none of the above techniques work, you can force your machine to shut down by holding down the power button for 6 seconds. It’s not recommended, obviously, but once in a while it’s the only thing that works.

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Sometimes the first Force Quit won’t take. If you go right back and force quit it again it will work the second time.

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If you want to delete a process or application that is running, use Force Quite.

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I cannot find my docking station, therefore I can’t get to anything. All my icons have disappeared. Help?????

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My Parallels Desktop claims that “a disk read error occurred” and that I must press cntrl-alt-delete to start it up now. I have tried the Mac version of this command, but only receive a “force quit” option. I am needing to get my Parallels back up and running. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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