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Do you have a "type"?

Asked by aviona (3260points) March 22nd, 2009

Are you aware of a “type” of man/woman that you tend to date/fall for? Or maybe find yourself in the same relationship patterns?

Although the guys I have dated have had varying personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. I came to realize a while ago that I do have a type. They tend to be virgins, or pretty close to it. Fairly, inexperienced sexually and relationship-wise and I end up being their first “big” relationship (obviously this was me at one point, too).
I’m still figuring out the relationship pattern part, but I think I’m beginning to realize a lot of my own traits.

I know “type” is pretty restrictive, but I’m just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

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Interesting… Um, I really didn’t have a type until after my divorce. I sort of floundered around looking for a half-decent guy, but not really being overly picky. My ex-husband was your typical southern Christian guy: very racist, homophobic, and self-righteous and pious about his beliefs. BUT he was a great provider and had that clean cut appearance and attitude (outwardly anyway) that people are drawn to. The guy I’m with now is basically the opposite. He’s a little more unstable in the job area (which really has more to do with the economy than a lack of effort on his part) and is covered in tattoos and rocks a mohawk, but is spiritual but not religious, and certainly isn’t a racist homophobe. He is well read, very intelligent, can COOK, and can build/fix just about anything, including cars and motorcycles. The ex couldn’t do any of that.

My ex liked to play his Christian card a lot and tried to tell me how to live… The WWJD thing. My boyfriend now loves me just as I am. I don’t have to change a single thing to make him happy. I guess then, I would say that’s my type.

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Goofy. :)

I like goofy boys.

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I have noticed that I have had two separate types in the past – for short relationships/friends with benefits I always tended to go for the “bad boys” (i.e. the really good looking assholes) and for long relationships I have tended to, like you, go for the virgin/inexperienced “nice guy” types (usually the friends for a long time before anything romantic senario). I was lucky in landing my fiance as he is a good mix of the two – a really good looking nice guy. I am extrememly lucky to have him.

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I don’t have a type when it comes to looks. Every guy I’ve dated has looked completely different…the guy before my husband was over 6 feet tall, my husband is only 5’5! (I’m 5’6)
Personality, I tend to gravitate towards intellectuals. And confident men. I can’t stand men that are down on themselves. I like a strong emotional man, because I can be weak emotionally and I feel it has always worked well because for example, with my husband, he keeps me grounded. I like funny guys, sarcasm is a must. I have a very dry sense of humor, and not all people like it. Most don’t know I’m even kidding. My husband says my humor takes time to get used to lol. it’s hard to show through on the internet, because the lack of inflection
I also like men with my same or close to views on religion and politics. I’ve never dated a conservative. I never sought out liberals, but I just hadn’t ever gotten close to someone that has opposite views as a relationship…we just wouldn’t get along.

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My previous answer is entirely too long…

I like intelligent men with rough exteriors. Someone who might take me on a date to the bookstore on an old Harley he rebuilt himself.

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Someone who is the life of the party, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

That’s my husband.

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Girls who are smart, stable (please!), have a good heart and that can bring the funny.

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@casheroo I agree with you on the politics and religion issues. My ex and I got along very well superficially, but our ideals on those 2 subjects were just WAY too different to ever try to make it work. I can’t imagine raising children together when one person says, “The Bible is to be taken literally, Bill O’Reilly is a king, and it’s ok to make racist comments as long as you go to church on Sunday” when the other person is saying, “Uhhhh…. not so much, buddy.”

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Blondes. Blue or Hazel eyes don’t hurt, either. Gorgeous smile.

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Nope. Turns out I’ve had me all sorts of guys. Good boys, bad boys. Business men, I even had a homeless man. Short Jewish guys, tall Christian soldiers. Intelligent worldly types, dumb beefcakes. Older sexy men, and fun cutie pie youngsters. Mmmmm penis!

Though, now I’m only committed to one.

I think they’ve all been brunettes though.

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I’d like to say “women with big breasts” because that’s what I’d like to look for (and also my best gf so far had huge ones). I think it’s a hormonal thing more than a sexual one. Kind, calm, friendly, laugh a lot.

But unfortunately I always fall into the “damzel in distress” trap. Which, on top of everything else, tend to be flat-chested neurotic types.

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lol @ “mmmmm penis!”

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I want to add to my answer “clean”, knows what an iron is for, and not loud.

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@Mr_M Do you know how to use an iron? I sure hope you’re not implying your woman should be doing your ironing for you. That could seriously lead to your removal from my Fluther.

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@essieness I DO know how to use an iron. I also went on a date once with a woman who looked like she rolled her blouses in a ball when she took them off. Please DON“T pull me out of your Fluther!!

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@Mr_M : Hahaha… geez did you grow up in Stepford or something?

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@Mr_M Ok, ok… nice save.

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@essieness , phew! That’s a relief!

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It used to be the “I need a mommy!” sorts. Yeah, done with that type now. I tend to be most physically attracted to men who are of Celtic background.

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@Mr_M I know what an iron is, but I don’t use it. My hubby does all his own ironing. I’m a mean wife. lol

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Hey! I used to do ALL the ironing in my family! AND the laundry. And cleaned the bathrooms.

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Very intelligent attractive brunette. I’m attractive and I desire the same. She’s maternal and can be slutty but always girly. Like to please her man. Likes her man to act like a man but is not threatened if he expresses emotion. Can give and receive in all aspects of relating. Is not petty or one who hold resentments or grudges. Is forgiving of sleights. Is never coarse or crude outside of the bedroom. Loves to receive a playful spanking in the bedroom. Loves to be taken.

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Dark hair. Average build…some muscles are nice. About my height. Cute smile.

Either sex.

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@SeventhSense Forgive me, are you a man?? I thought you were a woman, and then a lesbian for a second.

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@asmonet ; If my son didn’t have a girlfriend!!!! He’s pretty goofy, but cute too.

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@eponymoushipster: Thanks for that. I’ll be laughing for a while.

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Taller then me, Good looking, Stronger then me, a Nice Strong jaw,Tuff, and a you know what…lol

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Have penis will travel. Most assuredly a man.
Proud to break sterotypes though.

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i always think i have a type, and then fall for the person i’d least expect! haha, makes things interesting!

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Oh and that wasn’t a come on.
But my comment actually made me think of Sam Kinnison and that’s why I linked to him- his bit about the wife who takes his penis and he has to get permission to get it back..which I couldn’t find but it’s in that HBO special.

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I totally have a type. Smart, sarcastic, nerdy with eye glasses. I mean seriously, it’s the same guy over and over again. He’s also usually a bit of an asshole. Just a bit.

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Generally I like longhair guys (who look like Legolas or Boromir from the LotR movies) who tend to be computer geeks and like renfair, although I am neither of those. They usually are needy and poor and dependent, although the guy I married isn’t. Back when I did the Rocky Horror thing a lot, I ended up liking the Riff types.

As far as women go, butchier is better. The girly ones are too high maintenance for me to keep up with.

The closer to the middle of the gender spectrum, the more I like ‘em no matter what gender they are.

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There is a reason you have a ‘type’, maybe a Daddy issue, etc it is useful to explore this as if your type is not providing you with happiness then this should be addressed first.
If your type works for you then, sweet.

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Keepin’ it in the family? LOL

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Maybe that’s why I lurve the girlymen. I grew up with a single mom! No daddy issues. :)

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I would guess that that would make you have a Daddy need?

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You make it sound so dirty! ;)

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Who’s your Daddy? LOL

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Musical, blue or green eyes, handsome but not usual looking, uses their hands, witty and/or funny. I used to have this thing where I didn’t like guys that wore jeans, but now it doesn’t really matter…that’s pretty specific though!

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This is fascinating!

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Honest, great communication, outstanding personality, fun-loving, beautiful (to me if not to anyone else), saved, respectful, and open-minded.


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@Judi: If he didn’t, I’d take you up on that. ;)

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Everyone has a type! Otherwise everyone would be with “anyone”! U don’t know your “type” until u encounter it! Tho everyone has more than one and quite often their not the same! It’s what makes people compatibale

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