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When I have sex, I can last no longer than 3 minutes, but when I masturbate I can contain myself for much longer than that. What should I do? Would you recomend going to a doctor?

Asked by bprz (40points) March 22nd, 2009
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This is hard to answer without knowing your age, your medical history, and a host of other personal things, including, is this a recent development, or has it been this way for a long period of time. I would suggest adding more details to the question.

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wack off before you have sex, the 2nd load is always a little more reluctant.

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When you are having sex imagine that you are fucking your hand.

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@Blondesjon well put. but what if his other hand gets jealous?

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practice makes perfect.

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@eponymoushipster…Two words my friend…Three way.

where have you been hiding out bro?

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Consider focusing on your partner’s needs and satisfaction. Work hard to please your partner and put of your own gratification.

Pace yourself. Pull out if necessary.

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@eponymoushipsteri’m so sorry. i wouldn’t wish moving on my worst enemy.

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@Blondesjon thanks. yeah, it’s not fun.

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i love all the lurve that @A_Beaverhausen has gotten.

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i lurve it too, cause its true, and i was a poet and i didnt know it

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How do you manage 3 minutes?

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It’s funny that you ask this just as I am listening to Adam Corolla talk about how he avoids getting hard during massages. He thinks about nazis raping his grandma, which I must say is a definite wood-killer. Maybe try thinking along the same lines without completely turning yourself off.

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Wow, are you sure its really 3 minutes? Did you seriously time it?

The thing is I guess its a different sensation when your fucking than jacking off, that is probably why you are done in 3 minutes.

I suggest to have good amount of practice, I mean seriously if you are having sex with extremely hot girl then it is not very easy to contain yourself. Try thinking of something or picturing something else. Focus your attention on other things, if you think you are going to be done, try pulling it out and do something else, besides, there are other spots to make the girl perfectly happy. just find your pace, and you will be okay.

Somehow 3 minutes is a record breakign number. I can only do that if i have not been laid for like sooooo long. :)

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If the thought thing doesn’t work you can always try pain. Bite your cheek or something just make sure you can control it so your wood doesn’t flat-out leave.

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