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What does "initial programming needed" mean on my shiny new cell phone?

Asked by please_not_to_ask2 (209points) March 23rd, 2009

With Verizon. The person in charge of the account set it up to my number (because the old one got stolen) and it has been like six hours, and it still doesn’t have service, and I’m confused. Helps!

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In the past, I’ve had to dial 228 to update the programming on my Verizon phone, but if you don’t have service I guess that doesn’t help…
Have you called Verizon or checked out their website? I’m pretty sure they have 24 hour service, and might be able to help you out.

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Take it back. I have Verizon and half the time the techs fail to complete their tasks. It sounds like human error. When you go to the “my number” menu option does it display your number?

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*228 and send will do the OTA programming for a Verizon phone. If that doesn’t work, utilize their “Worry Free Guarantee” and take it back.

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@Michale – I did that, and it said it was unable to program my phone. I can’t take it back.

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Take it to any verizon outlet and have them do it, or call them on a different phone and have them walk you through it.

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@please_not_to_ask2 Then you need to go into a Verizon store. You have a 1 year warranty on that phone. They are required to fix or replace it for FREE.

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