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Yard sale, eBay, Craigslist or Goodwill?

Asked by AlfredaPrufrock (9394points) March 24th, 2009

I’m starting to cull through everything I’ve accumulated in 29 years of marriage, and 26 years in the same house, and am fighting the inclination to box everything up and put it all in storage. I have dishes, toys, furniture, craft stuff, etc. Lots of things are really, really nice—like a fur coat from my mother in law’s estate—but I will never wear or use them. How should I go about deciding what goes where? I’m overwhelmed with it all.

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In my opinion, the things of the highest value (and very specific items, such as clothing from a particular designer, dishes of a particular brand, etc.) should go to eBay. People will likely be searching for those specific items, and you could probably acquire the most for them by using eBay.

Furniture should go to Craigslist. Post pictures and descriptions of the furniture on your city’s Craigslist and sell them at a rate slightly below their value, with the stipulation that the buyer is responsible for picking up and transporting the furniture.

Have a yard sale with the other odds and ends.

What doesn’t sell there should go to Goodwill.

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I’m a bit lazier than GirlofScience, so I’d say: nice stuff to eBay, but when you take the pictures send them out to family first in case there is something someone is super attached to.

Furniture to Craigslist.

Then Goodwill the rest. Or a local charity second-hand shop. I wouldn’t bother with the yard sale (that’s where the lazy comes in).

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If I know something is of value, eBay, but otherwise Goodwill or free on Craigslist. Sometimes a Craigslist barter or two…..

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I agree with @girlofscience.

You may want to enlist some help as it’s probably a bit of work. I’m in the middle of this right now for only twelve years of stuff. So, I can only imagine.

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There is also Freecycle for things like furniture.

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When you have the yard sale, are you going to post an ad here? Sounds like fun for a junkie like me.

eBay has changed the rules a lot for sellers. If you go that way, research a bit to find out the best way to get paid and how to ship so you don’t get stiffed.

Have fun

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E. All of the above. It depends of the item.

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@pekenoe, I thought about asking for addresses and then mailing everyone on here that wanted one, a surprise box. And I do have lots of interesting stuff

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@AlfredaPrufrock Do you have any large plastic iguanas or African mud cloth?

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@Darwin, “Go Fish” my neighbor has some wonderful mud cloth that he covered a chair with

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@AlfredaPrufrock: That would be awesome!

But we would probably want to mail stuff back. Or at least I would. Because I like surprises and snail mail. Probably equally. And then you would still have extra stuff.

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@AlfredaPrufrock: You can let us know what your user name is on eBay and we can track your sales there at least…. I love yard sales but now live a long way from many.

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A yard sale is a good way to get rid of a lot of the smaller odds and ends (and big stuff too), quickly, in like two days (one day for prep, one day for the sale). I do agree that the dishes and stuff should go on Ebay because there are people that look for that stuff. If you have a sale, promo is the key. Put up signs all over the neighborhood, and be prepared for some people to come bright and early. You’ll be tired when it’s done, but you’ll be a few hundred (or thousand) dollars richer, which is a nice incentive. It’s quick, so you’re not storing the stuff waiting for people to call you about it.

I find when I clean, my number one goal is usually to get the crap out of the house, off my mind, stop spending energy to deal with it, manage it, sort it, look at it, move it around, clean it. Just get it out!

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@jca – I like the idea of just getting it out of the house but my trash can isn’t big enough for everything I want gone. Besides, my kids have different opinions about what needs to go.

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Darwin: in my humble opinion, the kids have different opinions about what needs to go, and in the meantime you have to deal with it. I would tell them if they want it or they’re doubtful about it’s value, they should hold on to it and you’re not a storage facility. it takes a lot of mental energy to hold on to stuff.

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