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Do you value individuality in others?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) March 24th, 2009

To further elaborate, do you place higher value on people conforming rather than accepting and acknowledging differences? I truly enjoy interacting with people that are different than me whether it be their personality or their intellect.

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I place higher value on acknowledging differences and accepting them.

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Individuality is a great thing. One of the best thing about college was all of the eclectic students/professors you’d meet. Now that I’m in the corporate world, I see a lot less of that.

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I love interacting with those different than me. It lets me reinforce my knowledge and personal beliefs to myself. If one only stayed around people who were the same as them, they would likely learn nothing new and never have their thoughts challenged.

There is a certain level of conformance that I appreciate, and a certain level beyond or below which I find it grating. Conforming to rules, for example, is a socially acceptable and a preferred choice in many instances. Of course, this is not true all the time, and I don’t appreciate someone who is a mirror or who simply conforms and agrees with who they are talking with.

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What Empress said.

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@TenaciousDenny I couldn’t agree with you more. :)

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@Kelly27 Great answer! Heh. You could say I am a little, errr, eclectic, so I struggle with this whole “professionalism” thing from time to time at work. Apparently they do NOT like it when I practice my karate moves in my cubicle.

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@TenaciousDenny Eclectic is a good thing, I hate to see people confined to a “box” others have made for them. I hate it even more when people are rejected or torn down by others because they are a little different.

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I love the corporate world. And I love that in the corporate world is so easy to appear as an individual since everyone is conforming to standards. In fact that is what my company is selling to others. That’s why I made for them such a crazy amount of money.

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Since I have been called eccentric many times, and I know that I do not conform in many ways, I love it when people are strong enough to go their own way.

Most of the time, those are my favorite people.

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I admire those who are willing to take their own path so long as they are not doing it on the backs of others.

An example of respected individualism would be Andy Warhol. An example of being individual on the backs of others would be octo- mom.

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Individuality! The world would be such a boring place if everyone was the same. This is where I am so proud of my daughter. She’s her own person. Sure, some high school kids snub there noses at someone daring to be different, but she just keeps going. She has great friends and doesn’t lose sleep over someone not liking her for not wanting to be exactly like everyone else. She’s just cool like that…I’m lucky she’s my daughter.

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I love people that know that they aren’t entirely individuals, as no one ever truly is, we’re all shaped by each other.

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Sure…as long as they’re different just like me. :p

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@getoffmylawn So very fitting :)

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Who doesn’t?


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@ninjacolin Some people prefer conformity to individuality, thankfully most people don’t. :)

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Individuality is important to each and every one of us because we all have our own distinct differences that make for such a wondrous variety. When we apply that to Fluther, that’s why it’s so appealing because you get such a diverse collection of answers, opinions, and input that you can’t help but enjoy it (in most cases I believe).

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Individuality is the only thing you have a right to expect from another.

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My favorite: People who embrace their individuality but have the tact to be able to fit in when necessary.

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i value my own highly, those who think otherwsie can kiss my rear

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Definitely and I think that to get the most out of the site it’s almost a prerequisite.

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@MacBean: I have often said that a conformist lets societal norms and expectations guide their decision; and a nonconformist also lets societal norms and expectations guide their decisions, because they then choose to do the opposite.
However, a true independent makes decisions based on what is truly best for them – regardless of what society does.

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@hearkat But there’s a difference between being independent and being an asshole. That’s what I’m talking about.

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@MacBean: I am not disagreeing at all. I am saying that those who choose to do the opposite of what society expects just because it’s opposite are still having their behavior dictated by society. They want to believe that they are radical and independent; when in fact, they are not making independent choices, but instead reacting just to be contradictory. And those are the ones that often come across (to use your vernacular) as assholes.

Someone who is truly independent chooses their actions based on what fits their own personal values. In many cases, this will meet or even exceed societal norms when it comes to being courteous and considerate.

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