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Is it possible to become a milli-lurvian from one question?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10285points) February 20th, 2010

In my jealousy of those with much higher lurve, and the precarious state of world affairs; I find myself pondering what feats will be necessary to stride aside my fellow flutherites with the distinction of so much hard earned lurve…

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You must answer question in a thoughtful and original manner and ask unique and clever questions.

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Stick around and visit as often as possible…be honest and authentically you and give lots of lurve

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Probably not from one question but participation is the key. Be involved on a regular basis and the lurve will come naturally. Just make sure to remember that lurve is secondary to so many other already great things about Fluther and welcome to the site too! =)

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You need to commit to the task at hand!! Post an avatar of yourself .your birthday suit!

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Send them money :)

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No. You are limited to only so much lurve in a thread. I’m nit certain how much but I’m guessing around thirty.

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I think that there is also a limit on how much total lurve any one jelly can give to another.

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I thought the lurve cap on a question was 50, but @AstroChuck would know much better than I.
You have been a member since November. How often do you visit and post?

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@Bluefreedom I agree with you. There are so many other wonderful things about Fluther than just the lurve. Sure, getting lurve feels great, but if that’s the only goal, then Fluther may not be the right place for you.

As for the original question: I don’t think so.

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Depends. How big of an attention whore are you able to be? Can you write prolifically when you’re suicidal?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land and considering that… you are doing mightily fine my friend!! just wanted you to note that – people love you xxx

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@lynneblundell I saw this question and immediately thought of you, Mizz Blundell. Here ya go. Have a blast :)

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You’ve been here less than 3 mos and have answered less than 4 questions/wk…
How about making a contribution to the community?

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“In my jealousy of those with much higher lurve,”

Um but why exactly, it has no real value you realize this right..?

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so snappy! like little dogs nipping at my heels!

@galileogirl i’ve been here 3 mos, and I think I am making a fine and dandy contribution

@Steve A I imagine lurve represents a number of things that have real value including, helping others, and asking questions that bring out ideas that help others in the long run as well.

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@Ltryptophan I was just thinking of terms of money ,excuse me haha ;)

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@AstroChuck No. You are limited to only so much lurve in a thread. I’m nit certain how much but I’m guessing around thirty.

A few months back I got over 200 lurve from a single thread.

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@FutureMemory- I doubt that. PM the Fluther mods or gods and they should have a definitive answer for you. But I’m sure it’s nowhere near 200.

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Maybe one of us is confused. Probably me. If my answer history currently shows 10 answers in a single thread, and they all received 4 GA’s each , doesn’t that equal 40GA which = 200 lurve? It’s represented that way at least.

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Questions are limited to 6 GA or GQ each sorry. The rest is just surplus points.

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