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What are your money saving tricks?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) March 24th, 2009

i need to cut back my spending.

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My money saving tip: Don’t spend any ;P it works surprisingly well!!

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Several things we do to limit spending are:

1. Don’t go to the store unless you specifically need something, don’t look through magazines that are selling things, unless you need something. Doing these things just triggers you to want something and then probably buy it.

2. Groceries, I now use coupons and only take cash with me to the store because it sets a limit to how much I do spend. It’s been tough, but eye opening.

3. Fun money, my hubby and I get our own fun money each month and we can do with it as we please, that’s helped encourage him to take a lunch to work because he doesn’t want to spend money on eating out, and I don’t see the eating out money coming out of our checking account.

4. Get a separate savings account and put money into that first each month, you probably won’t spend it if it isn’t in your checking account.

Just some ideas. :)

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plan a 7–8-9 etc days menus and only buy what you need for those meals. lots of money spent for one time items where some/most is left over, thrown out etc. plus you only buy ingredients you need and will use all of it. we all have a jar of molasses where we use a tablespoon a year etc. Then have a budget for a special treat, ice cream, pie or something that you anticipate as a reward.

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If you drink lattes invest in a countertop espresso maker like this one. Splurge on stainless steel vs. aluminum. You’ll be paying a little more up front, but it will last years with proper care, and make lattes for a fraction of the cost at caf├ęs.

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