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Adding green food dye to beer & fresh squeezed lime. This is a great idea huh? What is your view on this?

Asked by Kevisaurus (287points) March 25th, 2009

I love it! It makes cheap beer palatable and gives it a whole different atmosphere.

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My vote is that St. Patrick’s day was a week ago. I wore green boxers, I had a green beer. I moved on :)

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umm why is green “food dye” a requirement? Lime is well… ok if it’s tequila. Food coloring serves 0 purpose.

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LOL! No, nothing can make taste better Sillysaur. ;)

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If beer was meant to have lime or food coloring in it they would add it at the brewery.

For those of you about to @ me with your Miller Chill and such know this, once you add that shit to a beer it becomes a wine cooler. Now shut up and drink your Zima.

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I like lime in my beer. The green coloring I pass on.

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I can pass on the coloring, I like a lime or lemon on the rim of cheapish beer. It does make it more palatable.

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@EmpressPixie , then lets go for a lime “brewsky” at lunch. My treat!

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@Mr_M: I’m so there!

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Great! My place!

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GQ because I just bought some Steel Reserve for the first time and, after trying it, was about to pour half of it down the drain, when on a hunch I searched for it on Fluther. Imagine my surprise when I found it had its own topic tag! I hadn’t thought of adding lime to it. I tried that and it does help.

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