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Sometimes less is more - My first days on Fluther - Have you made similar experiences?

Asked by mattbrowne (31633points) March 26th, 2009

Compared to there

- are fewer questions allowed to be asked by users, but this often leads to a higher quality of the questions (the limit is 3 questions per 6 six)

- is less functionality, but a vastly superior performance of the Fluther servers (and all relevant features are there)

- are fewer trolls and spammers and personal attacks, but in some cases I’ve noticed the moderation to be a bit too strict (for example I think “What is your favorite car” is a interesting question, which will spark interesting debates – my answer was “green cars”), but I can live with the rules and I’m sure the moderators are open to comments when made in a polite way

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A mod is usually in the chatroom. If you want some help with how to make a question work here stop by and ask. Allie, PnL, Shilolo, RichardHenry, Tali, and Andrew can help you out.

I have been here for almost two years. My questions get turned invisible until I fix them too. It isn’t personal.

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We have all been moderated at one point or another.

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@johnpowell – That’s wonderful advice. I will go to the chatroom when there’s the need. I’ve said this before: I’m very glad about the moderated approach.

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[mod says] Even the mods get modded! Don’t feel too bad about it. :)

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Augustlan says: Welcome, by the way!

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@augustlan – Thanks! Looking forward to becoming part of this great community.

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@mattbrowne : Welcome and thanks for the pithy yet informative and readable question. Pay it forward. We all get modded occasionally. It’s not a big deal.

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I like this place. I miss the categoricalization (catigorization? catigorizzification? LOL) Of wis. For example, I’d ignore the style questions and I’d focus on the science questions. I liked that. I had one question modified and it was an entirely appropriate modification.

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I’m liking fluther more and more. I lurked here about a week before joining and hanging out in the chatroom to get a feeling for how things are done and how the members regard one another. It reminds me of the first few months of my joining back in the sumer of 2007.

The limit on questions I can conform to and appreciate since humor, casual questioning and banter appear welcome in chat. Also, the site founders here seem very quick to respond to suggestions and ideas for their community. Big kudos.

*moderation team- you all are dynamite! :D

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@VzzBzz – Thanks, I’ll read it as soon as possible.

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