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What is the Republican opinion on privacy?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) March 28th, 2009

Do Republicans usually want privacy in exchange for security and safety or do they want the government to respect their rights and leave them alone. I’m not quite sure and just want to verify. Thanks.

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Why would you need privacy? You MUST have something to hide!

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Well, I’m really more of a Libertarian than a Republican, so I say the government should get its grubby fingers and prying eyes OUT of my life and keep to itself.

That’s just me though. :)

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@TaoSan got to love that flawed logic…

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The self-perceived “right to stalk & intervene” is inherent in moral religions and mental health systems. Of course, throughout history the “right to stalk” has been horribly & systematically abused by both crazy persons and organizations.
So if our Constitution means anything at all, it is protection from the “right to stalk.”
The U.S. Constitution is based upon each citizen possessing some degree of the right to be left alone.

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scary, isn’t it?

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@TaoSan yup. Its the logic cops follow too. Hoorayyyyyy.

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Honestly I don’t know anymore. I used to think I was a Republican, but that was when they believed in personal responsibility, smaller government, lower taxes and greater personal liberties.

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A romantic :)

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@TaoSan Yeah. One day the Republican party will come to its senses and we’ll get back together. In the meantime, I’ve been dating this new party, the Anarchists. Very sweet party. Really misunderstood.

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Yeah, once your read some Noam Chomsky anarchy doesn’t sound that bad anymore at all.

It is a very misunderstood concept

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Privacy of what? Privacy in respect to personal information, the internet, secret ballots, video/audio surveillance, personal choices, privacy from government interference, etc? I am a registered republican but absolutely agree with poser in that our party is not what it once was. In general I want the government to leave me alone unless it’s a matter of public protection. IMO our government exists for one reason and that is to protect this nation. I am willing to give up certain areas of privacy to allow our government the ability to better protect its citizens.

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IMHO, Smaller government is better government. Most republicans I know endorse little government involvement in our personal lives.

When you say security and safety, if you mean Bailouts and excessive public aid, most republicans are against it, if you mean right to privacy, most republicans support it.

I am referring to the republicans I know, who voice an opinion.

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Depends on the Republican. Ron Paul is certainly against the government in your shower. Others (like that whack job Cheny) think it’s necessary.

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It varies. The Republicans are not as monolithic as they seem; there are deep divisions in the party right now over issues like this. As a rule, Republicans are staunch defenders of privacy rights, particularly where financial transactions are involved.

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That depends. Are you a white, heterosexual, Christian male? You deserve all the privacy in the world. Otherwise, not so much.

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According to The Patriot Act, none of us have any privacy. We cannot check out a book at the library or talk on the phone with any right to privacy. We cannot even visit territories that “belong” to our nation without a passport. Of course, said passport has a micro-chip in it that is linked to a central computer. By the way, why do we all have grocery discount cards? I am of the belief that if you have nothing to hide so be it. But are the “baddies” really going to go check out a book at the library? Who are we watching for anyway?

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@ubersiren My neighbors turned me on to Ron Paul. He has some really great ideas. I am an independent. I was hoping Paul would be able to get his word out there, but was shut down by “big money”. Maybe next time!

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Poser – I agree with you. As a Conservative Repub I was one of the millions who were frustrated with the expanse of government during the Bush years. I think after the last 8 years Republican and Conservative are distinct ideaologies, but hopefully will be remarried. Conservatives believe in safeguarding privacy and limiting government. Republicans? Who knows anymore.

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