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How would you answer the following question: "Why am I me?"?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38951points) March 28th, 2009

What is the first thing you think about when asked that? What constitutes you? Is ‘I am therefore I am’ something you think about? or is it “I think therefore I am”? or something else

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Because I think I’m me

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My first answer is, “I don’t know you well enough to answer.”

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well it’s not about me but about you
how would you answer that question about yourself

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what if someone else thinks they’re you?

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you are what you’ve experienced and learned up to this very moment.
you are your history.

(for example, you weren’t born with wings which is why you don’t fly. you weren’t born with different parents, which is why you have the parents that you do.)

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Dumb luck. Or not.

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I cannot see the value of asking a question like that about myself. I’m not talking about your fluther question, which I consider to be valid It’s just not worth wasting my time asking myself that.

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how do you feel about defining yourself in terms of things you’re not?

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i feel it’s a rational process of elimination.
the conclusion of which, is you.

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well as long as that’s satisfactory, guess it’s okay
it’s not to me

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I am the result of genetic code carried through the ages by thousands of men and women. After I was born, I became the result of my response to my environment and my social interaction with my family and society. I am me thanks to chance overcoming mathematical improbability.

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WHEW! glad the question wasn’t “why are you, you?”

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir i’m not a mass murderer. this doesn’t offend me.
i don’t see why it would be offensive to also admit that i’m not a gold medal winner, nor a champion pole dancer. nor the richest man in the world.. or any other perceived “good” thing.

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Are there champion pole dancers?

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lol, probably.

I am me because of my unique course in history that no one else has had and necessarily for no other reason.

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For those of you curious about the champion pole dancer:

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will you stop with the poll dancing! lol

@Blondesjon your answer “because” is just as good to me as alossforwords’ and mine.

“beCAUSE” refers to “causal necessity” and there always is a beCause for all our actions. :)

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“Be careful what you pretend to be, because you are what you pretend to be.” -Vonnegut

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@ninjacolin…Maljanne ystäväni. :)

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nice, quote alossforwords!
you too, blondesjon! though i have no idea what that means

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Because genetics and your interaction with people and society made you what you are.

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“Why Am I Me?”

Simply because somewhere, in the whole scheme of things in the known universe, unknown forces of incredible power created me out of cosmic dust and set me loose to make my own significant mark in my life and in the lives of others.

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Because me am I.

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Knowing me, I’d probably turn pedantic and say that it should be “Why am I I?” (That sounds just as inane as “Why am I me,” doesn’t it?)

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@Blondesjon,:Well there go my plans for this evening. Half a tick.

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I am a story that this brain has written in the first person, nothing more.

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@Blondesjon: Se on helppoa. Kiitos

Find a language with no diacritical marks. The ¨ is a clue.

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Right now I’m “me” because I’m sitting in front of the computer Fluthering. Right now I’m petethepothead. I’ve built “who I am” on Fluther as an offshoot of a previous me.

Later I’ll pick my sister up from the play she’s attending right now, and then I’ll be someone else. Sure, there’s quite a bit of overlap, but there are some big differences as well.

After I pick up my sister I’ll go on the computer for a while longer, and be petethepothead for a bit. Then I’ll go to bed and wake up someone else.

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Because if I weren’t, I’d be some other dude, and I just can’t live without me.

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Because of genetics combined with the sum total of interactions and experiences in my left.

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@crisw : What about in your right?

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Ooops! :>D

My life.


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All my experiences since I was in the womb, with a little life from my genes, as messed around with by my environment.

My nine-year-old son just asked me this yesterday, so I had my answer all ready!

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I am who I am due to the confluence of genes, experiences (good and bad), and intent. My past informs my future, as much for what I don’t want as what I do.

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Because if I was you, it would be akward.

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it’s interesting to me how many people combine something biological with something else…genetics specifically

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I just didn’t expect people to think about their genes first, that’s all

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Not expect us evolutionist atheist biology geeks to think about genes? Why,. I never! :>D

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@crisw Well, in my case I’m just a mutation.

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Because of what I’ve learned, what I’ve experienced and what I strive to be

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Watch I <3 Huckabees. It will explain everything.

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I would answer it as:

“I am me because I choose to be.”

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Because of my memory.

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I just looked at my drivers license while fluthering. It creeped me out. My “fluther me” is a blue jellyfish. It was strange to see a different me while I’m supposed to be someone else.

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because I took a chance

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I am me because I cannot be anything else

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I know I’m me because I couldn’t be anybody else. That’s rather circular, isn’t it?

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There is no “me” per se, I am pure awareness often experiencing life as if there actually were a “self” – there isn’t one now, is there? If you think about it there is nothing “inside” that defines a concrete you since even our memories are often distorted to say the least. ‘Why am I me?’ you ask? I’d say the more important question is: “Who is asking?” :-)

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