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How can you tell if a woman is checking you out? Guys are so obvious at it - do women actually do it or are they better at hiding it? What's the best way to catch them at it?

Asked by Blake7 (1points) March 28th, 2009
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I had to think about this for a bit.

I’ve done the “Shy Di” thing, where I look at a guy I find attractive, catch his look back, hold the gaze at him for a smidge longer than usual. Then lower my eyes. Then look at him again to see if he caught it. I’ll push my hair behind my ear when I look, too.

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a girls’ first move is usually just closing proximity or something like aprilsimnel’s glance thingy. they don’t make approaches though but they’ll judge you by yours. girls are funny.

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And you think girls are checking you out becaaauuuuuse….?

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she looks you in your eyes a millisecond and you happened to see it at the same time. forget about all the time between the second glance. but it IS the second glance at the same time between the two of you that says she is looking at you, sees you and notices you. now it is up to you or her to act on the impulse.

this moment in time is very precise. you must act right away or save it in your memory bank as a potential date that got away, girlfriend to be, or wife if you play your cards right.

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Indicating attraction and checking someone out are two entirely different ballgames. If I’m checking a guy out, I’m going to do it subtly, and probably just watch him walk by (gotta look at the butt :D ). All the indication of interest stuff is eye contact, body language, etc. They aren’t the same thing, though.

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See I thought all that was pretty obvious – however… actually ‘catching’ them at it, is very tricky stuff.

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