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What has gone bad in your life lately,what aspects of life have really sucked for you as of late?

Asked by MadParty (262points) March 28th, 2009
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I think I have Chronic bronchitis so that’s just swell. xD

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Being heartbroken and thus sinking into a deep depression. And then being pissed at myself for letting a broken heart push me into such depression on top of it. Losing my boyfriend. Dropping out of school. Moving home. Alienating my friends. I’m pretty pessimistic right now…

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The loss of a parent, my family drifting apart and the break-up of a relationship. <<<dipped in sarcasm>>> 2009 has been fabulous, thus far!<<<dipped in sarcasm>>>

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most things…most aspects

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life sucks, man.

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Nothing, really. I feel weird saying this in comparison to some of the comments above, but very little has gone bad. Getting into UCLA and then the prospect of being in college and being openly gay has gotten me very excited for the future. School is coming to a close. 13 years of one type of schooling is ending. I’m excited.

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The DMV in my new state has linked it’s records with the DMV in my old state which means an outstanding speeding ticket there has created bad news for me here; I’m not allowed to update my license info until it’s all resolved which looks like it’ll have to involve some legal counsel.

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Wife’s been unemployed for two and a half years.

In the past year:
Aunt died
Uncle died
Friend died
Dad died
Mother stopped talking to me
Savings gone
401k gone
Working three jobs

Things are just peachy.~

honestly, if it wasn’t for my wife and daughter, I would’ve gone nuts by now

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I don’t even know where to freaking start…

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@loser – ((((((((hugs))))))))

I’ve been struggling since my Dad died. I just really miss him, we were very close. I’m fighting a depression, it’s the first time I haven’t been able to find my way out of this feeling. My birthday is next week, my Mom asked what I wanted, I told her no one could give me the one thing I truly wanted. She knew and hugged me tight.

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@cak. My birthday is next week and when my mom asked me I gave exactly the same answer…

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my birthday was 2 days ago nobody said anything i received no presents i have not worked for 2 months, i have not eaten in 3 days, thats the start of the list

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@avionaI’m sorry. :(

@MadParty – isn’t there anyone that can help you at least with food? I’m really sorry you are going through such a rough time. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday. :)

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@cak all i know are selfish people it seems, those who say they are my friends tend to only wanna hang when i have something to offer besides my friendship

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@MadParty – I’m very sorry to hear that – it’s hard to find that out when you need help. I’ve been there, before.

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My Mom was rushed to the ER last night and has been diagnosed with sepsis. She was in full organ failure. It’s a very sad & scary time right now.

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@bythebay oh, i’m so sorry. i hope she pulls through!

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@bythebay Best wishes for your mom. Sepsis can be really bad, but people often do quite well, too.

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@bythebay – I’m so sorry, I’ll be thinking about your mom – and your family.

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I’m on the boat with “most things” and “I don’t even know where to start.”

Virtual hugs where they’re welcome, and good thoughts/vibes all around. I hope things get better for everybody ASAP.

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I witnessed a violent murder two days ago, I let myself get into a pretty sketchy situation for a pretty inconsequential reason, and my ex boyfriend whom I am trying to maintain a close friendship (and only that) just became noticeably uncomfortable when I said “I love you” at the end of a two hour phone conversation with him.

I think the last one upset me the most, somehow.

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You mean other than my girlfriend being arrested and facing 5–10 years in prison for something she didn’t do, the accident that completely wrecked my brand-new car and almost killed us, and my daughter being kidnapped by a group of paedophiles? Nah, it’s been smooth sailing…got a cold last week and a traffic ticket last night. Which is a bummer since I can’t afford to pay it.

On the good side, my gf is out for now and will eventually be cleared, we all survived the accident and nobody has dared harm my daughter yet. And the cold wasn’t all that bad, and I’ll probably manage to pay half the fine (which could have been up to 700 euros, but is 210 and I may just pay 105).

As a bunch of wise old men once sang:

“Always look on the bright side of life taram tara rara raram”

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Good lord. Jellies are truly having a rough time out there

@Jack79, @TitsMcGhee, @MacBean, @cak, @shilolo, @casheroo, @bythebay, @MadParty, @aviona, @loser: BIG GROUP (virtual) HUG

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I second that ^^!

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@cpreviteWe do have a lot going on. This thread also shows that the collective is a group of caring jellies. I’m so glad I joined Fluther!

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@MadParty Please eat!

@by the bay I hope things improve for your Mom. Best of luck with it.

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nobody respects me, im being told not to relax or have hobbies, i cant enjoy myself anymore, in some cases i rarely do, people in my nieghborhood are jerks with me, they dint let me me be happy for myself, so they judge everything about me,they wont let me have or do anything for myself. what should i do?

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i third that group hug :)

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I’m thanking you all for the thoughts & hugs, and I’m hugging you all right back – ((virtual squeeze of hope)). Be well suffering jellies.

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Imagine all of those jellyfish hugging…so squishy :D

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But lots and lots of arms (or are they legs? tentacles?) :-)

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That’s the best thing about getting hugs from jellies – instead of two arms, you get a bunch!

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