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My Dog ate a small bag of Jelly beans?

Asked by drakea73 (4points) March 28th, 2009

My dog ate a small bag of jelly beans and is now bloated and looks very uncomfortable. I am not sure what I can or should do to make him feel better. Can anyone help me?

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Well, first you have to spit on your finger and then…

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i don’t know, i guess feed him more fiber, so the jelly beans pass easily? just a guess.

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Did he eat the actual plastic bag or just the jelly beans?

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He could have at least saved you the orange ones!!!

Seriously I don’t think this will be a problem unless he gets on a sugar high for a while.

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If there is a 24 hour vet in your area they will likely walk you through steps to be sure your dog is not in trouble. I strongly recommend that you make the call to set your mind at ease and to be sure your dog is not suffering from bloat which can be fatal.

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If he suffers no ill effects from this episode (and I hope he will be okay) be ready for some really smelly doggy flatulence!

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I second Dog’s advice. While one (or more) of our members is a vet, I don’t know if they are around to answer this at the moment. Hope your dog is ok!

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I wouldn’t risk it. Call a vet.

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Poor baby! I would go to the vet, or at least call the ER Vet. If he looks miserable, just imagine how he’s feeling!

I hope he (she?) feels better, very soon.

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Our dog ate some chocolate once. Also possibly ate some glass another time (turns out she didn’t though). We were so worried both times. We just found the number for the 24 hour Emergency Vet and gave them a ring. Both times they were so helpful. And both times, for us, it turned out to be no big deal. And I didn’t even feel guilty for calling them late at night, i just felt good knowing my pup would be okay.

I don’t think the jelly beans would hurt your dog unless he ate the plastic as well. But I am new to dog owning.

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The jellybeans themselves are not a problem. The discomfort that you’re describing sounds as if he has a food bloat (as opposed to a GDV) and it painful from the sheer distension of his stomach. We will often recommend inducing vomiting to relive some of the pressure, but the safest way to do that is under medical supervision. I would recommend that you call your local clinic.

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^^ The vet I was talking about. Listen to syz.

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Actually a vet tech, not a vet

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Sorry for the error, you are just so knowledgeable about your field, I assumed you were our SuperVet!

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No problem, just wouldn’t want to misrepresent myself.

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@syz – ok, so you aren’t our SuperVet…but you are our SuperVetTech! Yeah for Syz!! Great answer!

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So what happened to the dog?

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