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Do you tip housekeepers in every hotel, sometimes, never?

Asked by kelly (1918points) November 14th, 2007

if you tip, when is tip left; where, in the room?; what amount; or do you leave tips at all?

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I tip $5 per day of my stay and pay the the total amount (i.e. 5 day x $5 =$25) upon checkout of my room. I’ll leave my tip in a conspicuous location of the room, like nightstand or dresser. The tipping guide on getrichslowly suggests $2—$5 per day.

Good Luck!

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I usually leave about $2 per day and leave it on the table in the room on the day I checkout. If I’ve been particularly messy I might leave more…But now robhaya is making me feel cheap so maybe I’ll have to start leaving $5 per day! Hotel workers are treated pretty badly in many hotels, and barely make a living wage, so your tip really helps them. I’ve often found it strange that we tip bartenders or hotel doormen lots of money for really easy things like pouring a beer or opening a cab door, and yet many people don’t tip a maid that spends 15 minutes changing your dirty sheets and cleaning up your bathroom in your hotel!
If you are interested in helping hotel workers, there is a lot of information on this site by UNITE, a union that represents some hotel employees (although most are not unionized).

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$5 a day is recomendable, and I leave it always in the desk, next to an empty bottle of water with a thanks written on the notebook

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5 dollars a day, per bed, left daily. The person cleaning your room may change every day.

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I haven’t stayed in a hotel in a long, long time, but the last time I did, I left $3 each day. I would likely bump that to $5 the next time I’m in a hotel. And yes, do it each day as it may not be the same person each day.

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