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What should I do in San Francisco that is not in the tourist guide?

Asked by chrismichael (36points) November 28th, 2006
let 'em flow, ya'll
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sutro baths -- or is that in the guide?
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ride your bike at night, drink whiskey in doorways, go to the mission arts and performance project.
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dinner at the house of nanking, strolling around the mission and sunbathing in dolores park, riding the N to Ocean beach and watching hte old men fly kites on sunday afternoons, hiking around Lands'End, go scrounging in the aisles of crazy cheapo junk at Scrap, any movie at the Castro, anything in the book Mundane Journeys, the alemany farmers' market on saturday mornings, the alemeda antiques market on the first sunday of every month
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swing dancing in golden gate park on sunday afternoons, bike ride to the beach, amazing relaxation at Kabuki Springs & Spa
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Get the book Stairway Walks in San Francisco and explore the city in entirely new ways.
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watch the rollerskaters in the park on sunday, eat at that tiny diner next to the cliff house, go into the studio at creativity explored on 16th street and talk to the artists.
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Mitchell's ice cream on 29th and San Jose. Go ice blocking in Delores Park. Climb up the hill in Bernal Heights.
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zeitgeist! also going anywhere on bikes is lots of fun, riding to ocean beach is pretty easy and relatively flat as sf goes....
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Check out the bison in Golden Gate Park. Visit PacBell Park (or whatever it's called now) when nothing's going on--it's free and you can go anywhere but on the field.
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find the hidden playgrounds: there're alpine slides just outside the castro and also on the southside of bernal hill somewhere. and swings: although i think they took down the one up 30th street, there's one reportedly out near the presidio??? wanna go sometime?
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If you ever get lost while driving, pull over and look at a map—or at least don’t slow down to ~5mph.

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