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If the guy you like gets random phone calls and goes outside to talk, does that mean he's cheating?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) November 18th, 2007

Just wondering

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No.. But it means you have serious issues with trust. If you can’t trust the dude on the phone how can you trust him on a “Boys Night Out?”

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Pff i know I just think i have general trust issues with guys.
I am always scared i will end up hurt or something.

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Sorry if I sounded harsh. That wasn’t my intent. Trust me, I’m the male version of you. But I doubt any Internet info will help you with this. And again, I apologize if I offended you in any way.

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Ask him why he keeps going outside to answer the phone in a jokey way, and gauge his response. If he seems awkward or unhappy to touch on the topic, then maybe append your question with a “but seriously”.

If you guys are close, then maybe he will open up to you about it. But don’t jump to the cheating conclusion – who knows, he could be having some serious family problems he’s not ready to share with you yet, or something else.

Wish you the best of luck and I hope it works out.

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I second Richard. Everyone is entitled to some privacy—just because you’re dating doesn’t mean that you get automatic access to every part of his life. There’s probably a totally innocent explanation for his phone calls that either he doesn’t wish to share with you or you just haven’t asked.

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You could ask point blank if he’s interested in someone else! If he asks, “Why do you ask?”, then mention the phone thing. Maybe he’s just being polite, phone conversations should be private. If you’re afraid to ask, maybe you don’t really want to know the truth, and maybe he’s not the guy for you. Everyone is insecure to some extent, and trust must be earned. Don’t be shamed into not protecting your own interest.

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Is he just a guy you like, are you dating, or do you have a serious and committed relationship? It is often hard to tell how old someone is on this site. Under any circumstances, I concur w. Richard and sjg. Everyone’s entitled to some privacy.

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Just dating, but the thing is that once i walked into him outside, unknowing he was there and appologized and said i didn’t know he was on the phone.
And he said it was his mom.
He’s 18, come on…
Anyways im gonna talk to him tonight so wish me luck.

Thanks 4 everything..

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