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Is it possible to find a budget accommodation in San Diego during this financial crisis?

Asked by saulbyrd (4points) March 30th, 2009
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You will pleasantly surprised. Because of the downturn in visitors, accomodation prices have actually gone down. Here’s where I always stay:

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I’m in San Diego. Do you mean budget for travel or for living?

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priceline has been working like a charm for me. You basically bid a price and it chooses a hotel for you based on location and star rating. I suggest you go for 3.5 stars and start bidding at $45. It will tell you if its too low, then try higher. But beware, once its booked you gotta pay.

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If you do mean for travel, let me know- I can recommend some places and steer you away from others, if you have any particular ones in mind. It will also help to know where you want to stay and what you’re doing while you’re here.

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what part of town are you looking to stay?

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Why not? In fact, market slowdown does bring down prices. Hotels and motels start offering bigger discounts and punch in more value added services to draw in customers. Even in the midst of this gloom, you can get some good quality budget accommodation at affordable rates.

California Suites Hotel (, for instance, is offering 10% off on 2 nights stay or more. Plus the hotel offers free breakfast and free stay for children of 11 years and below. You can even save money on transportation as the hotel is located near all the premium attractions in San Diego.

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Of course yes.. There are still some rooms and apartments available at affordable prices. You can have a look at the website which offers a list of room and apartments based on your needs. It might fulfill your needs to the fullest at affordable cost. Make use of this website to get some ideas regarding budget accommodation.

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