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Where can I find the soundtrack to Danny Boyle's Sunshine?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) November 18th, 2007 from iPhone

Where the hell is the soundtrack? Does anyone know?

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Apparently there are no plans to release it.

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here’s an interesting comment from the link above

At last, shame the only way to get it is illegally :(

Sunshine – John Murphy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – OST – 320kbps – AMLG Edition)

01 – A Star Within A Star
02 – Searl See The Sun
03 – The Last Message
04 – The Time – Commander Of The Icarus I
05 – Mercury
06 – Two Last Hope Are Better Than One
07 – The New Angle
08 – Repairs
09 – What Do You See?
10 – The Icarus I
11 – From Inside – Minus 273 Degrees Celsius
12 – We Love You
13 – Tray
14 – The Fifth Crew Member
15 – An Angel – Cory’s Dead
16 – Pinbacker
17 – Mace’s Dead
18 – Unlock The Airlock
19 – The Surface Of The Sun
20 – All To Heaven – A Particulary Beautiful Day

If this is ripped from the film, I cant tell (no sfx or dialogue)


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Where can it be downloaded? That’s awesome! I want it so badly.

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you can get it here at the Pirate Bay You need some kind of Torrent client to download it like Utorrent . Just a reminder it’s illegal to do so but we all do it anyways

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I certainly won’t be downloading it then. At all. (Richard fires up transmission)

Thanks for the link, I’ve been searching TPB for it… never came up. Thanks for the link, you’ve saved my sanity :D

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