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What movies should I watch and what websites should i visit?

Asked by pwyatt (117points) April 1st, 2009

Next week I’m going to be home all week recovering from minor outpatient surgery. I’m taking suggestions on movies to watch and websites to visit to help make the time pass. I like comedy and suspense movies.

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Depending on whether or not you will have stitches, I would recommend Meet the Fockers (NOT if you have stitches!) or Crash with Sandra Bullock. Memoirs of a Geisha is good if that is your kind of thing.
As for websites, how long can you possibly stay away from Fluther to visit other websites??

sandystrachan's avatar would be a good place to watch films.
You could use stumble! to guide you to some good websites ( tho they are not all good

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You’ve got to see Charade. Classic suspense, with Cary Grant mmm, he’s dreamy, Audrey Hepburn, and Walter Matthau (?). It’s wonderful.

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I don’t know if you’ve played around with the new but you might enjoy that. Where you can watch videos and such.

Also is amusing but overpopulated by a younger crowd – basically people tell stories about humurous and messed up things that happen to them

This one is also amusing and is not overpopulated by a younger crowd – people write in with their secrets

I enjoy this recipe site. It has a section called Recipe Exchange where you can talk with people.

This one is good if you like photography. You can vote and comment on people’s photos.

This one is where people post video arguments with one another and you vote for who is right. It’s a thing from People’s Court.

Of course I recommend that you just Fluther! LOL

As far as movie recommendations go. One of my all time favorites is Whale Rider. If you haven’t seen it you might like it. But it more of a cultural drama than the type of movie you like. (another good cultural movie is Smoke Signals). A good suspense I enjoyed was Constantine. Comedy was Son in Law (but you must be a fan of Pauly Shore, lol). I’m not good at movie recs but I thought I’d put some out there anyhow. All are available on Netflix or in Video Store.

I would also recommend just renting TV shows on DVD. I LOVE doing that. My favorites have been: Monk, Charmed, Firefly, Lost, and Heroes (some I thought I’d hate but ended up loving). Also a BBC one I’m now enjoying is called TorchWood.

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