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Mr M's question got me thinking. What's your favorite Easter candy?

Asked by Jude (32198points) April 1st, 2009

Peeps? Jelly Beans? Those malt eggs? Cadbury Cream Eggs? Little chocolate eggs wrapped in foil (which I am eating right now :))? White chocolate? Dark chocolate? Milk chocolate? Do you chomp off the chocolate bunnies’ head/tail first?

What’s your C 12 H 22 O 11 poison?

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Malted milk eggs. Can’t get enough of them.

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Cadbury Caramel Eggs! (But not the “cream” eggs, ick!) Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs! I’d even take a cheap chocolate bunny as long as I have a jar of peanut butter to go with it. MMMmmmmmmmm!

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Candy corn.

oops, wrong holiday

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Peeps! Preferably after they’ve kicked the habit.

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Hoorah for Peeps! and Dark Chocolate Bunnies.

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I can’t even imagine eating peeps, but they’re great for blowing up in the microwave.

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@jonsblondevil, just evil to mention candy corn when they aren’t in season!

Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs…yum! AND, like @darwin – malted milk eggs – those things are so yummy!

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My favorite Easter candies are any of the ones I buy on Monday. Especially Reese’s Eggs, Peeps and malted milk balls.

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I used to LOVE Peeps. Then one year I happened to have a bag of Kraft Marshmallows AND Peeps and did a taste test. There’s NO COMPARISON. The Peeps are too hypersweet. Go with the marshmallows.

Anyway, chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies from Russel Stover and their pecan roll for me.

And ACTUALLY, my absolute favorite in the whole world is one I cannot find for years; a bunny made from caramel corn.

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@syz, if you think PEEPS are great in the microwave, you should see REAL chicks! (j/k)

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Dark chocolate bunny ears dipped in natural peanut butter. :^>

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Peeps, but…you have to open the package just a bit and let them get a little hard. So yummy. So disgusting, but so yummy.

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@bythebay yeeeeeessss! I can’t eat them until they get a little stale. They are so gross when they’re fresh.

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Well, it’s been a tradition for my parents to give me this solid white chocolate cross. I love it. :)

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Cadbury eggs for sure. ahhhhhh they melt in your mouth!

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Big Swiss chocolate easter bunnies my dad brings from Switzerland.

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Cadbury Mini Eggs with the hard candy shell. mmmm…

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either Cadbury eggs or those Robbins Eggs.
those things are pure jesus.

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I would say the chocolate eggs in foil are the best, followed very closely by the malted eggs and then Jordan almonds!

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