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How can I fax something from my computer?

Asked by gsiener (438points) November 29th, 2006
I'd like to "print" documents to a fax number, for free, through the internet.
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Seems like that should do it.
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Oh, wait. Can I do this without using a modem and phone line?
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The new Macs (OS 10 and greater can do it, altho it is convoluted and generally a PITA. Go to and poke around their support. Generally not worth the effort..and I do have a modem and dial-up.
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Hmmm. I'm using Windows XP at work, but good to know that I can do this on my Mac.
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How long is the document? They have free sites that will fax X number of pages to any machine -- i think you can upload a picture or document.
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it's not free, but it's pretty cheap. and you don't need a phone line
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damnit... i was going to say efax...
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