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Ladies, do you wear sexy lingerie often?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) April 4th, 2009

When and if you ever wear it, is it because you like wearing it or do you wear it for the benefit of the one getting to see you in it?

Guys, feel free to add your input, especially if you are the one wearing it. ;)

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Yes, just so I know I’m sexy all over :)

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My first wife wore it for herself. My second wife wore it for me. I liked it better when it was worn for true enjoyment, rather than just to try and please me.

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You mean like my granny gown with the Scotties all over it? I’m wearing it now.

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I love wearing beautiful/sexy/fun lingerie and even I love it all the more when someone else enjoys to see me wearing it.

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My black lingerie is my favorite. Yes, I get the looks, but it makes me feel pretty all day. Even tho no one can see it, of course, I know it’s there.

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As opposed to repulsive lingerie?

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Boy input…. I personally, dig boys shorts like no other, they do terrible things to me. Don’t like thongs at all. Black and red are great, but color isn’t bad either (but usually just like ridiculously bright colors, or colors that make you look really innocent). I might actually prefer like some kind of lace/cami top thing to a bra, but that’s just a mood thing.

As said before, it’s always preferable that the girl WANTS to wear it as much as I want to see her in it. But if she doesn’t want to wear it I still like to see it occasionally :)

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@Ivan Quite honestly, there is some repulsive stuff out there.

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I do most of the time. It makes me feel more confident, it’s a good starting point for feeling sexy, and if someone sees it, it’s just another plus. My only problem is finding things in my size. Most commonplace lingerie stores don’t carry 36 DDD. I like to match though, and I have a few of those things that can’t be worn under clothes – the kind that require the “let me slip into something more comfortable” line. Fuck, now I just want someone to see my lingerie!

@westy81585: Give us girls who can’t go without a bra a break :(

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@TitsMcGhee I have also found it a bit hard to find the sexier things that are made for people that are well endowed. ;)

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@TitsMcGhee I’ll take a look for you. ;-)

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@ru2bz46: If you find something, lemme know! Haha, it’s a hard world for the girls with the rather large tracts of land.

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Eh, I consider pretty much all my main stuff to be classy sexy.
Bright colors, soft cloth. But usually it’s black or… pink gingham and polka dots or stripes and bows.

I went through a phase.
They’re fucking cute, damn it.

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@TitsMcGhee I was referring to your end comment about wanting to be seen. Lurves for the Monty Python reference!

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Both :)
I like wearing it, and I like the reactions I get when I wear it.

The reaction from my bf is a seriously good turnon ;)

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I love lingerie! I wear it because I feel sexy, and I don’t mind the reaction it gets either. What I like about lingerie is if you are insecure with certain areas of your body you can pick outfits that help those areas. A full outfit doesn’t happen too often, but I always wear cute panties and bras. Special occasions call for the whole shebang (garters, stockings, heels). I really love Agent Provocateur but my budget mainly allows Victoria’s Secret.

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@TitsMcGhee Hahaha, I didn’t say I don’t like girls that need the bra :) . You should try some kind of like lacey button up thing though, I always thought that was really sexy on big breasted girls.

And if you need to show someone your lingerie that bad you can always send pictures to me :) .

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I would wear it more frequently if it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to wash. :/

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I can tell when you have it on. You have that twinkle in your eye..;)

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a.) it’s too expensive b.) i sleep in the nude, putting lingerie on would be annoying. c.) only for special occasions.

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I wear it sometimes, I’m more comfortable in boy shorts and some kind of camisole. It’s me, I feel comfortable and confident. I will wear lingerie, but I need to be in the mood. When I do wear something more sexy, it’s more like a surprise for my husband – he likes it, but he actually enjoys the whole boy short thing, better. When I wear lingerie, I wear it just as much for me as for him. It’s nice, but it’s not everyday for me.

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Yah, Yah, Yah.
I then know she feels sexy.

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Girly boy shorts are the best! I don’t know who can stand to wear thongs? I guess, for me, they’re just not practical; they don’t go well with class and work. Then again, I’m not trying to impress anybody so I just wear whats comfy!

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@lisaj89: I actually find thongs pretty comfy, haha.

@cak: I wish I looked good in boy shorts and a cami. I just look silly :(

@3or4monsters: Yeah, that part sucks for sure.

@ru2bz46: Oh, lol. Missed that.

@westy81585: I mostly go for the baby doll look , and sometimes the corsety type thing.

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mmmm. corsets.

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Nope. Never. It sounds interesting though.

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@asmonet: Just for you ;)

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@Tits – That just cracks me up! With your moxie, you can wear whatever you truly want!

I will tell you what I look completely ridiculous in – at least in my own opinion. I love corsets. I just think they are the epitome of sexiness. I don’t know why, I just do. Paired with a great pair of panties and I feel wonderful. Problem is, the last 6 months of chemo kinda stole something from up top. I’ve been robbed! I wasn’t thinking about the fact of the exodus of some of the size, when I surprised my husband, by dressing up in said outfit – and a really great pair of shoes – I really need to practice in though, again!

While he didn’t complain, he never does – good man! I happened to look down, I felt like I was in 7th grade and needed to stuff. It just lost a bit of the sexiness for me, I like how I filled it out, before. Of course my husband told me the next day, if I wanted to go buy all new stuff, buy it! Whatever would make me feel better. I’ll wait, see if I can regain some of what I lost…if not, I’ll work with what I have.

Tits – from one woman to another, I feel very certain you could wear pair of shoes and a smile and you would be everything you wanted to be – as well as the person you were with! You just have the special something about you.

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Corsets rock!

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@TitsMcGhee Yah that was the top I was thinking of, the babydoll one. Strongly favor the boys shorts with it though :).

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@cak: That is the sweetest thing I’ve heard (from someone who wasn’t trying to get in my pants, haha), so thank you <3 Funny you should mention it too, because the shoes I was wearing the other night definitely were appreciated :) But really, that just made me feel so good about me :) Now all I have to do is gather my confidence and get this boy!

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mcghee if you’re half as cool in person as you are online you should have no trouble getting the boy

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@SeventhSense You’ve been peeking. ;-)

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I used to love corsets, until I had to wear one every night at work. My ribs always hurt, but I looked good.

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I love ladies that do and let me slowly remove them.AAAAAOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

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@westy81585: BLUSH Thanks for the confidence boost!

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@elijahsuicide – yowswers! I don’t think I’d want to wear one every night! The is why camisoles are my friend!

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Every chance I get…oh wait you said ladies. lol!!!!

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Yes. I have a variety of favored items that are kept in individual pouches that my guy enjoys to pick through and lay out for me. Nothing’s better than when someone else enjoys what you enjoy.

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I’m a lingerie girl, through and through. If I have to wear clothes and underthings then I want them to be as lovely as possible. It makes me feel pretty to have soft silks and lace against my skin under my clothes and yes, there’s nothing so nice as when someone else admires you in your clothes as they undress you, kind of like a present. ;p

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i wear lingerie just for my own pleasure

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