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What can I do to surprise my husband?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) April 6th, 2009

As some of you know, my husband is in the army National Guard and has been serving in Afghanistan for the last six months (basically since we got married). He’s currently on leave for a week, and I want to do a little something to surprise him. I had originally planned tickets to the Cubs/Cards game at Wrigley (we’re Chicago fans), but of course, the U.S. Army decided to take him back a week earlier than we had originally thought. So I’m looking for something cool to do in the next few days to remind him how wonderful he is and to help him emotionally recharge for the trip back.

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Honestly. If I was him I would want cuddles, sleep, and good food.

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Get a sex change.

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@ru2bz46 , I forgot to specify, a good surprise.

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Does he like massage?

What about a couples spa day? You could get a massage together and then have a nice lunch and some wine, then home to cuddle. @johnpowell good idea!

If he feels odd about going to a spa, you could always give the massage yourself. wink wink

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I used in the military and was gone alot. To put myself in his shoes, the one thing that would make me recharged for the next go around would be for you to dress up in some sexy lingerie and put a smile on his face. :)

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I don’t think anythink could make him happier than being with you and seeing his family.
Maybe you could get the family together for a nice dinner.

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Maybe a surprise dinner with his friends and family that he hasnt seen in a long time

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@zephyr826 Sorry, my bad. :-(

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@ru2bz46, no worries. it made me laugh, so that counts for something

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i like @May2689‘s suggestion.

or you could tell him you’re pregnant ;)

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@casheroo, I’m sure that would go over well. teehee

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Give of yourself. Give him your time and your attention. Surprise him with how much you’ve missed being with him.

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Out of honesty, if you haven’t given him oral sex yet… it.

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Have him come home one day and see you in bed with ME! That would surprise him!!

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Yeah, when I read the word “surprise” I was thinking something along Mr_M’s lines, though I’d go for “tell him you’re running away with his commander’s wife” or something.

Look, just telling him what you wrote here is good enough. Tell him how much you love him, how much he means to do, how much you’ll miss him. A really great surprise would be to show up in Afghanistan sometime, but I don’t think that’s very easy, is it?
But telling him all that will really mean something (and yes, the blow job is always a good idea girls, men really are that simple).

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Most guys dream of the elusive trifecta, even if they don’t tell you…

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If it were me, I’d like to be surprised by going to the Chicago Chop House for an incredible steak and then take me to Red Head piano lounge just up the street so we can listen to great tunes all night and drink scotch until we can’t see. At 4:00 a.m. we get in a cab and go back to the Drake and sleep until whenever and then wake up and do whatever.

I assumed you were in Chicago…

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Get someone to take some really nice pictures of you two together.

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I’d have to agree with the notion that some good sex would do. You might throw in a good home cooked meal as well. Men loved to be cooked for and well, getting laid. After being away from home for that long, I’m willing to be that would be more than enough to put a smile on his face!

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@everyone concerned with more physical issues, don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it. :)
The other ideas were also great, and I think I’m going to do some combination of them. Thanks so much. much lurve all around.

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