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Do you have any weird (different) food habits and are there foods that you just won't eat?

Asked by Jude (32198points) April 7th, 2009

Can your food not be touching on your plate? Is there one spice/herb/condiment that you add to a lot of your foods? Do you eat organic? Are you a vegan?

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When I go to a buffet I refuse to put so much on my plate that the flavors overlap. I’d rather make 100 trips to the buffet table.

And no scallops for me!

I also have been known to dunk Oreos in water if I’m out of milk.

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I’m with @Mr_M with regards to the buffet habit, and in general we usually have about three different plates for each meal, so the foodstuffs are separated. Especially cold and hot, wet and not.

I like mayo. I love mustard. Can’t think of why anyone would care though. Hey – let’s have a virtual picnic.

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I’m slightly OCD – not officially diagnosed, but it’s to the level that people notice that I do certain things – and this carries in to my eating habits sometimes. For instance, if I am eating pasta or a dish that has peas IN it (not as a side) I tend to pick them out and eat them first. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it until my mother called me out on it. I also eat fried eggs the same way EVERY time and have done since I was a little girl. My brother just watches me do it and says “you know you’re insane, right?”

I also hate mushrooms. I have learned to eat almost everything else that I didn’t like as a child or have learned to eat things, but I still hate mushrooms. It’s a texture thing and it really bothers me. Mushrooms and mayonnaise (it’s off-white…who wants to eat a food that’s OFF-WHITE).

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I do not like for my foods to touch. I have to each skittles in order of green, yellow, orange, red, then purple. Gummy worms are also subjected to this rule of least favorite flavors/colors first and best last. I am also crazy picky, its much easier to name the foods I will eat than to list the one I won’t touch. Most of the things I do not eat is not because of the flavor, it is usually due to the texture.

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I used to tell people i was alergic to every kind of seafood because i found the smell nauseating and didn’t want to try any. My fiancee comes from Mazatlan (seafood is what there is… take it or leave it) and has not forced me to try it… but inspired me to and now i love it more than i care to admit.

I also have a thing for McDonalds french fries dipped in the chocolate shake… might look gross but it’s sooooooooo yummy.

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When I’m eating small things, I have to eat them in fours. If I pluck a handful of grapes out of the fridge, this handful needs to be a multiple of four. The same goes for lots of other vegetables and fruits, but only the small ones. Also, I’m a vegetarian, so I guess that’s a little weird.

There are some foods I don’t like but will eat if I have to, like lettuce and tofu, but one food I will never eat is radishes. I hate them. I don’t know why I hate them but when I was 3 years old, my mom asked me why I didn’t like them and the first reason that popped into my head was that they make your brain crunchy. This is what I told my mom and she has never made me eat a radish since.

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i hate mayonnaise. anything with mayo, ewww… not a fan of olives, either, which is weird because most of my family is. also, i hate sushi and that makes me immensely un-trendy. eff it, sushi sucks (in my opinion).

but i LOVE peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches. and peanut butter and pickles. there’s something about the salty/sweet/crunch… yeah. so i’m an odd bird. i like most food, though, and i’ll give anything a fair shot – i’ve even tried sushi multiple times to make sure i don’t like it. i don’t. ew.

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I can not eat beets.

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I do not like squid or sushi, but I love all other seafood.
I will not eat sweet potatos or pumpkin. Something about that color…
I cannot stand the smell of collards cooking, so consequently I do not eat those.
Pretty much anything else goes for me.
As for spices, I am pretty adventurous in the kitchen, but I love basil more than all the rest.

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I won’t eat meat.

I eat my artichokes with ketchup because I don’t like mayonnaise…no idea why I never just ate it with melted butter like so many other people. It started when I was young. Just really like ketchup!

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@KatawaGrey I have to say…your answer about the radishes made me laugh out loud…actually physically laugh out loud…because it’s such a child response to decide that radishes “make your brain crunchy” and I can imagine that my mother wouldn’t have made me eat them anymore either. Thanks for the laugh!

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I refuse to eat anything that comes out of oceans or lakes… and I hate sweet potatoes and olives

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Pepperoni. I will eat most anything on a pizza but pepperoni (and anchovies, of course)... unless I’m drinking; at that point pepperoni is perfectly fine. :/ But I have to be desperately hungry first.

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@hitomi: I’m glad I could make you laugh! It makes me laugh to think about it as well because I know the exact thinking that went into it. I knew I couldn’t tell my mom that I just didn’t like the taste because that’s a silly reason to hate food! (Or so my three year old self thought) so I said that. I knew it wouldn’t fly, but it did, and wasn’t I surprised!

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I hate boiled eggs.

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My nasty list:
Catsup, grapefruit (except the juice with a LOT of vodka and salt), nervous system parts (eyes, brains, spinal cord, etc.), kidneys, peas.

Other than those, I think everything else is good, even the “nasty” stuff mentioned before me.

I’m also not a fan of my food touching if one is sweet and the other is savory, like Swedish Meatballs or Hawaiian Pizza, or spaghetti next to applesauce. That’s just wrong.

@KatawaGrey I also eat in multiples, but my number is six. Welcome fellow OCD’er.

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I pick through meat until I’m left with minute scraps. I absolutely cannot have any non-muscular connective tissue remaining in my food. No veins, no fascia, no fat, no tendons or ligaments, no blood spots, no stringy gross things or gristle. My poor husband… all he wants is for me to fix him a god damned steak, and he usually gets fish or occasionally chicken.

Despite my weird meat pickiness, I enjoy bologna immensely. Bologna and cheese sandwiches with mayo and ketchup.

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@ru2bz46: It’s good to be crazy with friends!

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@ubersiren I am so happy to see your response….my family harasses me that it takes me 10 times longer to eat a steak than the rest of them because I have to “dissect it first”. My mom used to joke that I should grow up to be a surgeon because I’m so good at getting the smallest bits of gristle and fat out of a steak while managing to retain the majority of the meat – I’ve also eaten this way since I was little. Glad to know there’s someone else out there that does this!

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@hitomi : That is verbatim what my family used to say to me. Now my husband does.

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@ubersiren and @hitomi My wife is another to be added to your group.

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@ubersiren – you know all that stuff you pick out of your meat, the gristle, and veins, fat, ligaments, connective tissue? Well, what do you think bologna really is??????? ~.~
I should have also added bologna to the list of things I will not touch!

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Ah, that’s the beauty of bologna (and hot dogs). Everything is ground up so fine, you don’t see all the nastiness. I was making some beaver sausage recently, and during the grinding process, I found a couple veins. That told me it was still too course, so I ran it through again. Yum!

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@ru2bz46 : Beaver sausage!? Good god, man, does nature even allow that? That’s like some oxymoron from rodent porn. In the sense that Dick Van Dyke is an oxymoron all in one name.

@VS: I know, I totally don’t make any sense. I think it’s because bologna is all ground up and it’s one uniform consistency. No crunchy or slimy bits, just predictable lunch meat, bite after bite.

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@ubersiren The name of the meat product, “beaver sausage” huh huh, he said it again, is nothing compared to how I got interested in beaver hunting in the first place. My friend went bowhunting, and afterward, he sent me a picture of his daughter’s big furry beaver, and it got me all excited to stick one myself. huh huh

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No tacos for me. Can’t even bear the smell. (Taco accident when I was young… too gory to describe in detail here)

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@Zen Not even beaver tacos?

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I will not eat chicken that has not been cooked at my house or by somebody I know well. I want to be sure it is not alive with campylobacter and other such greeblies that are the result of poor storage or under cooking.

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Hmm…I adore Lawry’s Garlic Salt (one of the few instances where brand really does matter) and add it to a lot of foods—normal foods, not like my ice cream or anything. Garlic is my “salty food” addition.

My other favorite spice is cinnamon. If I’m baking, cinnamon gets thrown into everything.

(I joke that I was hispanic in a past life, because many of the flavors common to that culture are things that I love to eat—lime or lemon with salt, refried beans and cheese, chips and salsa, cinnamon and chocolate, etc.)

I dislike a lot of strongly flavored veggies—bell peppers, onions (probably a slight allergy), and radishes. I wish I did like onions, because many great recipes are founded on browned onions. (I like most other veggies, though.)

I don’t eat a lot in the way of meat anymore, mainly because it’s expensive and I’m a poor student, but I do eat fish (tilapia and swai are good) because it’s good for you and delicious. I also still eat homemade meatballs, but that’s because they’re delish. :D

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I used to have a standing offer to my friends. If they could find a food I didn’t like I would pay them a dollar. Not a bet mind you, just a standing offer. I never had to pay off.

Of course poorly prepared food is another matter. But if it was prepared well, I ate it.


On my own, however, I discovered natto – a fermented Japanese version of soy. Not all fermented soy, just natto. One bite and I threw it away, shuddering.

I suppose it could need some special preparation I wasn’t aware of. I remember when my mom bought the first avocado out family had ever had – and didn’t realize they had to ripen. Now THAT was an experience.

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I am a lot like @6rant6 , I like about any food that is prepared well. A few exceptions – I don’t like gummy candy of any kind. I don’t like watermelon (it’s the texture and the seeds) and I don’t care for bread. It is like eating cotton to me. But there are exceptions – garlic bread, rye bread, Granny Sycamore’s honey whole wheat with sunflower seeds. And Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits. I guess it is tasteless white bread that I don’t like.

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I won’t eat tomatoes. I always use hunts tomato sauce whenever I eat pasta. I don’t like the tomato chunks that some sauces have so I won’t eat pasta out at a restaurant.

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