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What are good bras for old women?

Asked by susanc (16122points) November 27th, 2007

Victoria’s Secret just doesn’t address our needs. We don’t want perky, we want pleasant and comfortable. Recommendations?

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Oh, please, count me in if you get any useful answers. I suffer….Dr. Leonard’s sells a lightweight sleep bra that hooks in the front but it is so cheap that after one washing, all seams fray.


Moving Comfort isn’t bad however (for my C cups) and is much sturdier;

Bra deux

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Warcoal. Expensive but worth it! I look for the sales and stock up. You can also find them at Loehmans marked down considerably.

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Does Loehman’s sell online now or do you still have to go to the Bronx and the mirrored dressing rooms w. 40 women secretly peeking at each other? One of my aunts used to bribe one of the saleswomen to call hera s the truck was rolling up to the docking bay. My aunt would rush down and be first in line for the designer dresses. A family myth.

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@joli; it’s Wacoal, and the selection of wireless looks interesting. Which models would you recommend? Gail

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Wacoal ‘85121’ Feather Embroidery Underwire Bra Mesh-lace cup minimizes bust, with Simplex frame for comfort and support. Exclusive plastic underwire molds to your own shape for comfort and a natural look.
Hook-and-eye closures with three extenders.
Adjustable straps.
Nylon/rayon lace with stretch nylon tricot cup and nylon/spandex back; hand wash.
By Wacoal; imported.

I love this one, Gail. Sturdy and COMFORTABLE! We have a lingerie dept. here in S.F. in the basement of Loehmans. I already knew my size from shopping at Macy’s and Nordstroms. That’s where I found them on sale. Also (Sorry it took me so long to answer. I’ve been busy elsewhere!)

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joli, doesn’t have bras (online). Darn.

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Wacoal 85121 looks great and pretty, except for the underwires, which I find to be torture. Just discovered Wacoal 85185; it looked interesting. One of my is a little spillage underarms…hard to tell whether it is breast tissue or just avoirdupois, to put it euphemistically.( Susan, what are you wearing to wedding aside from bra? )

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Gail, that’s the beauty of Wacoal. The underwire doesn’t jab or poke. I don’t even notice and I used to avoid them. I choose this style specific for the fit around the entire ribcage. I hate spillage under the arm! I just wish they weren’t so darn expensive, though they do last a long time.

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@Gail: long blue-violet cut-velvet skirt; same-color, different-texture fitted jacket; well-shined red-brown laced ankle books; fake-diamond necklace; kitschy beautiful dangly baroque fake-diamond earrings. The wedding took place in a beautiful arch-roofed barn, and was a riot of affection and wonderful old-timey music.

For those of you who wonder why anyone would care about what a 64-year-old stepmother of the groom would wear in Washington State: Gail cares.

Postscript on the original topic: a site called sent me a free mousepad as well as an assortment of returnable bras, I find myself nicely outfitted with a Spanx Model #013 which is a whole new animal – no wires, no hooks, just a knitted (not sewn) thing in a truly awful color called “bare”, but no one’s going to see it, only its effect. It would not be the best for the underarm spillage issue, but the other things it does are impressive. $34.

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@susan: does the Spanx aka bra-llelujah (who invents these names?) slip on over the head? I hate that and tend to get snarled up.

How about wrapping the girls in a wide ace bandage? Or perhaps the mousepad?

Deep Purple/Blue Velvel combo sounds gorgeous. One of my favorite colours.

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back @ gail: Tried the mousepad. A little less support than I like. Ace bandage has always worked for tennis. Not good for glamour.

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After reading a few articles on how many women do not know how to pick out a proper bra, I realized that I fell into that category. There is an independent lingerie boutique nearby, so I stopped in one day. The salesperson was brilliant. It turns out that I was wearing bras 2 sizes too big girth-wise. I’ve been wearing her brand selection for a couple of years now, and love how they fit. And no more back problems that I thought were being caused by spending so much time on a computer at work.

Find someone that knows what they are talking about. And in case you are interested in the brand I ended up with, it’s Natori.

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Cacique at Lane Bryant has comfortable brassieres and so does Comfort-Choice at Avenue. Both are full figured bras. Target makes a similar type under the brand name of Warners and also Gilligan and O’Malley. These brassieres are made for the smaller busted woman.
These are seamless brassieres that come padded and non padded, with and without underwire. They make you look great under your clothing.

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