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What is a good vacation destination this year?

Asked by kloidster (1points) November 27th, 2007

I live in Iowa and want to get away to a tropical climate this year. Any suggestions for a common midwesterner?

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If you can afford the cost of the trip I would recommend Hawaii. Oahu or Maui are both lovely and offer a range of activities and places to stay. If your on a budget, go to Mexico. Cabo San Lucas or Cancun.

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I’d suggest Antigua in the West Indies. Close, affordable, and lots to do.

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Hawaii, Kauai is cheaper and better. I lived there for a while, the other islands are commercialized too much. Let me know if you want pointers. If you plan you can do it for $1000 a person including air and staying in a condo.

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Near Cancun, try Isla Holbox, north of the city – google it for directions. It’s quiet and wonderful. If you like a lot of action, head south from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, which is noisy and busy and pretty crappy, but perhaps that’s fun if it’s your first trip.
Or, fly to Puerto Vallarta, which you can almost always get cheap tickets to because it’s such a big destination. Rent a car and doodle south to Melaque/San Patricio. Lots of places to stay, nice friendly beach scene, easy, pretty, not as noisy as the obvious big towns but lots of activity.

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