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What clothing fads or fashions repel you instead of attract you?

Asked by Divalicious (2170points) April 9th, 2009

Belt buckles the size of dinner plates? Black bras under white shirts? Socks and sandals? Pajama pants in public?

My pet peeve is thuggin’ jeans barely hanging on to the upper thighs. I pull up the pants on inmates headed to court all day long to keep them from “mooning” the judge and courtroom spectators. I’ve almost done that in public, too!

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Les :O

Large girls wearing petite clothing/styles.

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Any other color bra other than nude under a white shirt (especially white bras).
Gladiator sandals.
Flip flops.
Super mini skirts on not super mini girls.

@squirbel: I just had to think. It isn’t that long…

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Anything that makes the normal human body look ugly, so an awful lot of stuff.

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I just haven’t seen you in a while… it was more of an exclaimed hello

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@squirbel: Hello! Glad for you to see me, as my grandfather would say.

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Leggings and skinny jeans. Ugh, not for me.

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@wp1211: I second the leggings thing. When I see girls who are wearing shirts and leggings instead of pants, it makes me cringe. It just looks as if they forgot to get dressed in the morning. It’s one thing if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress and then you put on leggings because then you’re already dressed and not substituting them for pants.

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I agree with all of the above. I HATE these wide pants legs! They’re my main beef now. They make you look like a clown. I don’t like skinny, skinny legs, either, but something in the middle. Legs that FIT!

I normally wear black jeans to church, but yesterday I had to wear a new pair of black dress pants to a lenten breakfast, & I couldn’t wait to get home & take them off. Everyone else’s pants looked like them, too, but I think they’re SOOO ugly.

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The return of the shaggy teen mullet. WHY.

Low-riding pants that create muffin-tops where non would exist with normal pants.

Whale-tale thong, low riding muffin top pants, and poorly drawn tramp stamp.

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I dont mind baggy jeans but when it hangs under your ass and you have a belt on at the same time….I’m sorry that just RETARDED

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@DragonFace LOLLLL, yes, a lot of today’s ‘fashions’ are retarded.

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Definitely the thing where the guys show their underwear by having their pants down low.

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Crocs, socks and sandals, jean shirts, mom jeans, pleated pants (at the waist) flip flops with leg warmers (thanks Abercrombie), fanny packs, cell phones clipped to the belt, clunky athletic shoes when youre not working out, things that don’t fit properly, Northface clothing.
Regarding current fashion- I like leggings on the right people. 99% of us shouldn’t wear them. I like the high waisted pant coming back, but I can’t see myself wearing them too often. Gladiator sandals are cute in small doses as well. The important thing to remember is not all fashions are made for all people.

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@elijahsuicide, where am I suppose to put the phone? Northface is a bad brand? And, truth be told, they never DID come up with something to replace that fanny pack!

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@elijahsuicide – “clunky athletic shoes when youre not working out”

But what about those of us with bad feet and orthotics that won’t fit into any other type of shoe? Sometimes you have no choice if you want to walk.

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I’m not repelled by it, exactly, but I feel a bit sorry for the women trying for the bottom-edge-of-the-top-just-meets-the-wiastband-of-the-pants look, but the top keeps riding up and the woman is forever tugging it back down to cover her midriff.

Just think how much of her mental energy is devoted to clothing monitoring and adjustment over the course of a day.

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The baggy jeans where you can see the guy’s underwear drives me CRAZY. Pull up your pants you moron. Sometimes it looks like the guy has a load of shit in his pants. I’ve seen people walk into places looking for employment dressed like that and my first thought was “I’d NEVER hire someone that can’t even keep their pants pulled up.” What idiot started this trend, and where can we find him so that we can pound him to death using a large stick with a nail protruding from the end of it?

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Ugg boots.

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@sferik: I wish I could lurve you a thousand times for that.

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But Ugg boots look so warm!

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In the ‘70’s I loved my alligator pants, but now just thinking about them makes me cringe.
I also hate that I can’t find jeans that won’t show my butt crack unless I go to the women’s section. What’s with that. I want a pair of cute trendy jeans, I’m willing to pay for them and they all have about 2 inches from the crotch to the waist!

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how can people dislike flip flops?! this blows my mind

I agree with everything @elijahsuicide said!

I personally wear skinny jeans, but won’t do leggings. I don’t believe that they are pants, people look ridiculous when they wear them and a long tshirt.

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Paisley. Pants that are falling off your ass. I am okay with Uggs in the winter and with jeans, but I HATE seeing them in the nice weather or with SKIRTS. If it’s cold enough for uggs, it’s too cold for skirts in my opinion.

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@adreamofautumn : Skirts in the winter is my favorite. Nothing like a pretty skirt with opaque tights and knee high boots. Hot.

@casheroo: Flip flops are so despicable. They look trashy and cheap, and as soon as you wear them once, they look like you’ve trounced through mud for a week. The only people who are allowed to wear flip flops are those who live near a beach.

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@Les ;
thank goodness I live in California!

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@judi: Yeah, I admit. When I went to Honolulu, I sported them like everyone else. But in Wyoming? Please. Where’s the beach?

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@Les Eh, I wear them as soon as it’s warm enough to..and I just started wearing them again, because my new job’s uniform has me barefoot the entire time at work. My flip flops aren’t dirty…I guess it’s too cold in Wyoming for them.

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Men wearing oversized shirts to where the shoulder seams are on their biceps
Woman wearing pants and tops tight enough to squish the skin into blumps (bulges/lumps)

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@Mr_M put your phone in your pocket. If it’s too big for your pocket, it’s time for a new phone. Northface isn’t a bad brand if your going camping, hiking, or mountain climbing. I understand it’s warm and comfy, and I would wear it when it’s appropriate, but fleece isn’t nice looking. I just think it’s too casual. I like actual jackets and coats. No excuse for a fanny pack. It looks tacky.
@Darwin if you absolutely have no choice (and I understand some people have braces) then ok. But most people just do it for “comfort” and laziness. There are very comfortable walking shoes that aren’t bulky Nikes.
It’s just my personal taste, obviously people can do whatever they like.

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UGG Boots are cute until you are 8. After that, no.
Anything that gives one a muffintop, no.
Men who wear their guts over their trousers with a too small shirt, no.
Fanny packs (stop laughing, UKers!), no.
Mom jeans and inappropriate lowriders, no. Low-rise pants actually suit me best if properly fitted. My rise is small. Mid-rise on others look like mom jeans on me.

Flip flops simply look as though they have no support, so I wear proper sandals.

White gym socks with sandals or Tevas or anything other than trainers: AW, HELL NO!

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@jbfletcherfan Thats a lot of exclamation marks. You must really love your fanny pack ;)

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I love love love my flip flops. :) I grew up in Florida, and now live in Houston, and still wear flip flops. Even in the winter!
I wish I could wear them to work, I’d feel so free.

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@elijahsuicide You would, too, if you had to carry my purse around. It has half the house in it. I could be gone for days & exist on what’s in there. So when we’re on vacation & out walking around somewhere, the purse goes in the trunk & the fanny pack goes on. My back & shoulders can’t take carrying that heavy thing. Just call me uncool, but my back thanks me.

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@jbfletcherfan I promise you my purses are as big as suitcases. I love large bags, so I understand where you’re coming from. I have smaller purses for when I know I don’t want to carry the large ones, or a messenger bag works for me too.

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@elijahsuicide Last week, I got one of those skinny, flat billfolds. I love it. I can put money, credit cards, DL & most everything I need in there. I’m now starting to leave my purse at home & just take that if I plan out a shopping trip or going out to eat well enough. How freeing to not take that ‘suitcase’.

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It isn’t clothing that repels me. It’s the people in the clothes that turn me off.

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Huge baggy pants, yes. So ridiculous. I’m not interested in seeing your underwear, thanks. And yes to Uggs. Especially with the jeans tucked in.

Around here, the hick girls are bad about wearing crazy boots and these ridiculous rhinestone belts. I’m sorry to break it to you ladies, but just because the belt cost you $100 does not mean it looks good.

Oh and I also don’t get the comeback of the 90s clothing that all the teens are getting into. I’m talking about neon and plastic jewelry, those ugly “athletic” shoes in techno colors. It’s just tacky.

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@Leanne1986 – I agree with you, yet I will give the chef Mario Batali a pass on his Crocs because they A) match his hair, and B) are part of his signature look. I think he looks naff, myself, but he’s not “Molto Mario” without those damn clogs, scooting around Manhattan on his (orange) Vespa.

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Oh, and I’m a flip-flop junkie. I love to be barefoot and they’re the closest thing to barefoot I can get!

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@elijahsuicide – I’m with you on most of it, but not the flip-flops. I love my flip-flops, but I know when and when not to wear them. I do not believe there is a pair for all ways of dressing.

I hate skinny jeans. Look, I am a small person. Skinny jeans would work on me, but I hate them. I hated them in the 80’s, but I wore them, then. Gladiator sandals, they look a little better now, than they did in the 80’s, but the vote is still out. The only time I wear leggings, is when I do yoga. I don’t like shorts where butts are dangerously close to hanging out and I can’t stand when a guy needs to pull up his pants. It’s just tacky.

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@cak I love flip flops too. They are perfect for casual summer wear. I just don’t like them paired with leg warmers. That’s all I meant.
I love skinny jeans on the right people, unfortunately I can’t wear them. I’m too curvy.

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@elijahsuicide – I’m with you on that, 100%! Leg warmers and flip flops – talk about a fashion oxymoron.

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@cak and @elijahsuicide Yeah, I’m with you both on the flip flops and legwarmers. Hell, legwarmers and anything. I never thought I’d like skinny jeans either until I wore them, and I do like them. One pair is enough for me though!

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I wear Crocs around my house, outside, and at Disneyland. They are a special Disney licensed pair with Mickey ears for holes instead of circles. They are the only shoes I can walk the whole day in and not get tired. Oh well, my wife doesn’t care either way.

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@essieness i’m totally into a good pair of really awesome sneakers (my roommate custom paints sneakers) I just think they look incredibly stupid if a. your pants are tucked into them and b. they aren’t laced up (especially if they’re high tops). In fact I hate pants tucked into any type of shoe. I believe shoes look the best if they’re an awesome pair sticking out from the bottom of your pant leg where they belong.

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@elijahsuicide – You said “There are very comfortable walking shoes that aren’t bulky Nikes.”

I see you have no foot problems. Aren’t you lucky!

It is New Balance all the way, because the insoles are removeable and replacable with prescription foot orthotics (not braces or splints but orthotics for the feet). It is also because New Balance makes up to 4E width in some styles.

“Comfortable walking shoes” just don’t cut it, unless you mean those ugly, ugly diabetic shoes. They are clunkier than any athletic shoe I have ever seen, except maybe those overstuffed rapper shoes my son loves so much.

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@Darwin like I said, I understand some people have a true need to wear them. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about people who can, but don’t.
A lot of people assume stylish shoes are uncomfortable because they at one time bought a crappy pair and got sore feet. I obviously wouldn’t fault someone who has no choice.
Have you ever seen the TLC show What Not to Wear? Every woman who wears clunky shoes says pretty shoes are not supportive or comfortable. When they are shown the difference it makes wearing well made shoes they are amazed. They can be stylish and comfortable.

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@elijahsuicide – Yes, I have seen What Not to Wear, but you haven’t seen my feet.

I used to wear all sorts of beautiful shoes. I still every now and then buy a pair of Steve Madden heels just to set on a shelf in my bedroom and admire as art. But genetics and injury caught up with me. Fortunately, some of the surgery was successful so my feet don’t hurt all the time, just when I walk on them.

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@Darwin It makes me sad to know a woman who loves pretty shoes can’t wear them :(
Fortunately you can still enjoy accessories!

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My Husband and I were at the airport in Mexico City. I told him “You can tell we’re the only Americans here. We’re the only ones wearing white tennis shoes.” My husband got so self conscious he has never worn white tennis shoes out of the gym again.

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A few years back there were men’s shoes with an extra long and pointed toe box with a straight tip, it was not sexy to me. On women, chunky heeled or wedged shoes that distract from slim legs and ankles or make thick legs look like they’ve got hooves instead of feet.

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