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"Holy coincidence BATMAN"! Have you ever experienced synchronicity?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) April 10th, 2009
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Not really, you?

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do you like comic books or something? (gambit, batman…)

and no.

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GAMBIT is a chess move. Batman is to get your attention.

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@GAMBIT Care to elaborate the premise for this missive?

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@Zen – I possed the question so others could share their experience this isn’t about me.

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I sure do. I don’t know how to explain it other than it feels meaningful, rather than simple coincidence, particularly if you have several things happen in a day.

Whenever I read The Alchemist, I experience synchronicity for some time afterwards. It’s really weird but kind of awesome.

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Yes, once when watching “Fletch Lives” Fletch looks at his watch and says the time and it matched exactly what the time was on the clock in our house.

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@AlenaD – :-) yes. Thank you for sharing.

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@thebigdriver – wow, that is different.

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It often happens that I’ll decide I need to meet someone on campus, and within a few hours to a few days, I run into them outside. I never even have to make a call or anything. It’s kind of freaky. But I think it’s just coincidence. Or perceptual vigilance.

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@daloon – the same thing has happened to me.

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Sometimes people will say a line that reminds me of a song, so I’ll end up singing a line or two of the song and getting it stuck in my head. Or a really random, old song will just pop into my head and get stuck. What’s weird is when that happens and I go home and set my mp3 player to shuffle and the song comes up, particularly if it’s a song I haven’t heard for years.

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@AlenaD – We hadn’t heard from my brother in a long time my sister said I am going to give him a call as she went to pick up the phone it rang and it was him. It freaked us all out.

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Weird! Though I think there’s something to that.. I mean, I don’t know how to explain my beliefs about energy without sounding like a kook, but I definitely think there’s something to an energy bond between you and your loved ones. I experience it with my mom for sure. One of us will be thinking of calling the other, and the phone will ring and there we are.

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@AlenaD – I agree AlenaD.

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I have to say…this question wigged me out.

I have been talking to my brother a lot lately about how the universe seems to align itself in really meaningless ways to match my train of thought. For instance, if I suddenly think about something from my childhood that I haven’t even considered in ages, it will be in a Robot Chicken sketch that night. I was talking about fairytales that Disney hasn’t done movies for and said, “I wonder why they haven’t done Rapunzel?” and my brother and I debated it for a while…the next day, his friend who works for Disney said that they released sketches for Rapunzel which they’ve just started working on.

So we’ve been discussing that this stuff happens to me ALL the time…and boom…here’s the question on Fluther…it’s bizarre and I’m really starting to wish that this would work itself out for bigger things (like I start talking about what it would be like to get my dream job and BOOM it happens…unfortunately it seems to only work with trivial things…sigh).

Also @AlenaD – your music thing….welcome to my life…my family and friends think I’m a human jukebox because you can say part of a line from a song…or even just a word that makes me THINK of a song and I start singing it.

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Yes, I have experienced it. I’ve actually been experiencing it for the past several days….At times it’s enlightening, other times just down right weird.

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Does it count when I’m at the store and I call Hubby on the cell phone to see where he is, and he’s standing right behind me?

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I just had another weird thing….I was arguing about Shakespearean plays that need to be done and had been saying that The Tempest needs to be done properly….(the only version I’ve seen I STILL have nightmares about shudder)....Well…just found out…Julie Taymor is doing The Tempest with a good cast and it sounds like she’s going to do it properly (and not creepy and disturbing)....because apparently I have the ability to mention things and then have them pop up….

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Well, last Monday I was talking to somebody who brought up a reference to Melchizedek from the Bible and his supposition that this person/entity was somehow accessible by connecting with the spiritual plane. I even asked a question about it here on Fluther.

Then yesterday, somebody else started talking about the Christ Consciousness Grid and as I did some research last night to figure out what they were trying to get at, I found that this topic had been discussed by a guy named Dunvulo Melchizedek and even found a video by this guy talking about connecting with the spiritual plane.

In the video, this guy referenced James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy and Synchronicity.

Then this question popped back up again on my list.

Stuff like that happens to me all the time.

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