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Do soldiers on leave typically wear their uniforms while out and about?

Asked by Introverted_Leo (1939points) April 10th, 2009

I ask out of curiosity. I’m not really familiar with military customs.

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I’ve only seen military uniforms on men and women when they’re on military business.
If I were them, I’d be sick of wearing it.

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Military members (at least the individuals in my unit and in my Air Refueling Wing) are encouraged not to wear uniforms to and from work, during their days off, and not when they fly on commercial aircraft. I’m positive that units in other branches of the service enforce and encourage these same policies.

These recommendations were in place before 9–11 occurred but became much more prevalent after that fateful day. It just isn’t wise for a military member to draw unecessary and unwanted attention to themselves, for any reason, if it can be prevented. This is especially true where individuals in the military are stationed in areas outside of the continental United States.

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Sweet, I observed correctly. :D

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not marines. those are army scrubs wearing their stuff in civilian areas.

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So would you guys say it’d be considered something of a pompous thing to do?

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It’s more humble to say “Yes, I serve in the military” rather than wearing the camis to advertise it.

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There’s no question that if someone serves in the military, they should be proud to be doing it or at least I hope they would be. I sure am after 21 years. But, wearing a uniform around to be pompous or flaunting your membership in the military is unprofessional at best and not at all recommended as a smart thing to do. Additionally, the wear of the uniform is officially for when someone is on duty, attending functions that would require it, and specified times when regulations and/or your chain-of-command has directed you to wear it.

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Bluefreedom said it.

Regulations vary slightly from service to service, I was Coast Guard, in our case wearing the uniform was allowed travelling from and to.

e.g. If I was stationed in Cali. and lived in another state, taking off on a Friday to go home I would wear uniform on my way home, and the way back, wearing uniform in between, no no.

Only exception would be formal events, like attending a wedding or something.

I totally concur with Bluefreedom, whilst I understand being proud of the service, wearing the uniform inappropriately is nothing short of unprofessional and unbecoming.

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I see. Thanks for the insights. : )

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When I’m home, my dad always wants me to wear my uniform when I accompany my parents to church so he can show me off. I always find and excuse not to. I can’t adequately convey to him how uncomfortable that would make me.

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