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What would you call it if a comment or a question you made was completely and totally misunderstood, in a negative way, just because you were from a different part of the country than the majority?

Asked by Dutchess12 (1575points) April 11th, 2009

Just a generic, every day comment or question that if one of the reigning majority had asked, would have been seen for what it was….a benign life question. However, since you weren’t from around there, the question or comment was totally misconstrued, misunderstood and you were attacked and insulted for asking or saying it. What would you call it?

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Shows a lot about people….

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Oh and I would call it double standards or hypocrisy….......or a misunderstanding.

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I guess I would call it Miscommunication.
But it’s hard to say without anything more specific than the details provided.

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@fireside Well, look at it in a Real Life context….if a pretty girl walks in the room, and all the guys look at her appreciatively, noone has a problem with that…..but in that group of guys is one black guy, he he gets lynched for looking at her appreciatively. So as far as detail, I’m not sure what more to provide. Just something is said innocently, but because you’re from a different culture, it’s automatically viewed in a negative way….

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I have never had a real life experience of seeing someone get lynched because he did something the same as the other people in the room. So I can’t see it in that same context. However, I have had incidents at work where I, being new, have said things that others laugh at because of the shared history of other people bringing up the same issue.

I have also had times when I didn’t fully think through my own thoughts before they came out and was badgered into an understanding of my misconceptions. but then, I have also had experiences of the same thing where the other people questions my outlook and offered theirs until a consensus was reached. So I guess it depends on the context.

Is this a specific issue or just a general musing?
If it is a general musing, it is too vague for me to go much further.

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@fireside Well, I’ve never experienced it either, except in the history books and historical movies about the civil rights movement!

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