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What's a fun, simple freeware game for my Mac?

Asked by andrew (16548points) December 1st, 2007

We’re sick of Chess and Civ.

I’d like a simple free (or I suppose < $15) game to play backstage with my buddies… bonus if more than one player can play.

The game must not require an internet connection to play.

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ton of games (many free) that are widgets

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I love Candy Crisis.

It is now free and open source. It is like Tetris but superfun. And it is two player if you want.

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Its a super nice tetris “clone”, that is much better than the original. It also supports network games too. Google will lead thy way if you’re interested.

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My favorite fun, simple freeware games are web apps. You can save them to your computer and play even if you don’t have internet access. I’m thinking of Desktop Tower Defense in particular. But that’s not a multiplayer game.

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@bob Great suggestion! How do I download the flash movie to play on my computer, though?

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You have a few options. The most direct is to find the .swf file (by viewing source) and download that directly to your computer. A little tedious to go to the source, but that should work.

I was thinking that Safari save the flash file if I chose Save As… Web Archive from the file menu. That’s not working for me at the moment, but my internet connection is a little spotty. I think that solution generally works, but try it for yourself.

The simplest method for me is to use Yojimbo to save the page. If you happen to use Yojimbo already, that’s the one-click solution.

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A word of caution though; I’ve downloaded .swfs that just didn’t work standalone. Also, if you use Firefox, you can use the handy extension “UnPlug,” which will give direct links to pretty much any media content on the page, including .swf files…along with “save” and “copy,” and it even integrates with the extension “DownThemAll!”

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While not multiplayer, NetHack is freeware. Just don’t get attached to your characters.

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Frenzic costs $15 and is the most addicting game you will ever play. Try the demo first.

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nexuiz; single or online multiplayer, first person shooter, free, pretty awesome.

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meat boy is fun :) not sure if it’s downloadable though….

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