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What is your favorite time waster website?

Asked by ahankes (88points) April 18th, 2009

Just looking for some fun sites!

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Fluther… Facebook…Flickr….Foutube.. err Youtube.. I was beginning to see a trend .. guess not

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It used to be but fluther is replacing it. Also, Craig’s List and flickr.

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Fluther. Ebay. MacHeist. Hulu.

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I forgot Stumbling with Stumbleupon.

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Fluther, facebook, twitter, fmylife, failblog

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Court TV Crime Library
Internet Crime Archives

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Just tonight I found a friend I have not heard from in 37 years on facebook.

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Oh right. I forgot Musicians Friend. I could seriously spend hours on that website staring at instruments I don’t have the money for.

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This one. There’s something about this format which appeals to me. I have never had any other interest in SN or info sites before this. But now I’m wondering how I got along without it.

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Fluther. Spread the Lurve!

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Fluther, if you consider Fluther a time waster website (For me, sometimes it is, other times it isn’t.) I deleted my facebook account last week.

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Fluther, Facebook, YouTube. I don’t consider it to be a “waste”, however. Not most of the time.

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@DrBill, me, too! My best friend from 1st & 2nd grade.

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myspace and facebook.
maybe i’m being silly, but i never really consider my fluther time, wasted time.

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Gratitude for the benevolence

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You mean there are other sites on the internet besides Fluther?

I haven’t spent time on it in a while, but Fantastic Contraption is pretty cool.

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I could go on youtube to look up something specific and then three hours later, I realize I just lost three hours of my life that I’ll never get back!

Also: facebook, heyitsfree, about, blogger, pogo

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@knitfroggy: Same goes for Wikipedia.

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Omegle is fun. Try to make it through more than 3 conversations without getting a /b/tard or racist.

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Actually I chatted for 40min with someone on there and had a very nice conversation.

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This site. Youtube too. Maybe even Wikipedia, just typing in random things.

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