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It is the International Holocaust Memorial day. What does it mean to you?

Asked by Zen (7748points) April 19th, 2009

Here’s a new article in the NYTimes. Is it a personal thing for you, is it just another memorial day of an atrocity, like many others, or perhaps you don’t think it happened at all?

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Nie wieder.

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a reminder to not vote for right wing politicians.

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@ragingloli Far right, or far left.

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There are Holocaust deniers?

I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC last weekend and since then have a deeper understanding and compassion about the victims. I suppose on it’s remembrance day we should take time to think about the millions who suffered and remember that similar senseless killings are still happening in other parts of the world today.

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Ja, nie wieder. We have the responsibility and the power to shape a better future. I support the boycott of the current UN Racism Conference. Ahmadinejad is one of the worst racists and psychopath and holocaust deniers alive today. If he attends, no one else should.

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They opened a new Holocaust museum in Skokie, IL this weekend. My parents attended the grand opening. The location is important because only a few decades ago, Skokie was home to one of the largest Neo-Nazi demonstrations in the United States. Elie Wiesel and Bill Clinton spoke, about both remembering the atrocities and working to prevent them everywhere else in the world. The day reminds me to work against prejudice, both in my community and in the world. When we still have crises like that occuring in Darfur, the battle is not yet won.

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@Matt. Thanks. x2

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@zephyr826 – Darfur, yes. Therefore I don’t think pacifism is a good short-term strategy. It means observing genocide on television from the comfort and safety of your own living room. Long-term a non-violent approach of solving conflicts is superior in my opinion. And there are good examples in history, like the end of East Germany as a country.

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A day to remember and honor the victims of HaShoah. But, I do that every day. I sing “Hatikva” every day and contemplate what happened in addition to researching, reading memoirs, watching documentaries, posting comments on sites like this, and more.

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