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How many people do you know who get all of your jokes?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21446points) April 19th, 2009

I’ve found that a lot of people get some of my jokes, some people get a lot of my jokes and only three people get all of my jokes.

How about you? Do you find that many people understand your humor or that your humor is understood sporadically? What do you think makes your humor so universal or non-universal?

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A lot of the time I’ll say something that isn’t actually a joke, but it will reference something that someone said a few minutes earlier, in a punny sort of way, and no one will pick up on it.

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Lol good question. The people that get my jokes are the ones who are my best friends.
Basically i am friends with my friends because they have a good sense of humor
I could never be friends with a person who doesnt laugh 24/7 :P

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Most of my friends get my jokes, and the ones that don’t, well, those are the ones we make fun of anyway. :-)

I have such a dry sense of humor that unless I bust out laughing, sometimes people take me rather serious, which can lead to one of those uncomfortable silences.

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This is a great question and I’m glad you asked it. My family are the only people who get my jokes, namely my sister. My friends don’t really get my humor at all. My jokes are very sarcastic and usually reference something else. Most of them are like “What…?” My sister, though, she always gets it, and we will laugh forever about it.

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@petethepothead you know, the road to Hell is paved with puns. See you there!

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Hardly anyone. But I’m ok with that.

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absolutely zero. even i don’t know if i’m serious or not.

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At home I don’t have too much of a problem, but online, hardly anybody.

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…as far as I know at least

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Just one best friend of mine, because we think the same way. It’s kind of creepy, since sometimes we say the same thing at the same time. But then we get sick of each other and have to take a break.

I don’t think my girlfriend gets a quarter of them… I value my sense of humor above all else, and I don’t know if she does at all… I’m kind of planning on making a living out of it…

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All of my jokes? I don’t think there is anyone. I never thought about this before… perhaps I am humor deficient. Hmpf.

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@augustlan: I doubt that. I’ve only recently found my third. The first two are my mother and my really good friend Nick. I don’t know why Nick gets all my jokes because he and I have relatively different personalities, but he does. When I’m with my mother, I can make the weird little references that no one else gets because we watch all of the same shows and take note of all the same little weird things.

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One. My gbf Zack.

I can make almost everyone I know laugh, but that’s just part of my function in a group. It’s what I do. I don’t consider those moments me making my jokes. My jokes tend to be subtle, play on references or deal with complex situations or events. I reference a lot of history, authors, movies and music. So much so that my friends have compared a few of my jokes on more than one occasion to Eddie Izzard. I’m not complaining. :)

However, occasionally my jokes fall flat, not for lack of humor in my opinion but because no one my age has any idea what I’m talking about.

I’ve noticed now that I tailor my humor to those I’m near, I don’t tell ‘my kind of jokes’ around people I know won’t get them because they’ve consistently failed to in the past. I just joke around. Kinda makes me feel like I’ve dumbed myself down occasionally.

Oh well. :)

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I doubt that anyone really gets the humor of everything I intend as humor. But my husband and both of my sons (who are extremely different personality types) get nearly everything. (We all get each other’s, except that my husband sometimes makes jokes that are as flat as month-old soda.) And what they don’t get is probably whatever percentage is really just stupid and lame and I should have just stifled.

Out there in the world, I usually consider my audience. I can say most things to a few good friends. With acquaintances and colleagues, I rein my remarks in a bit, though if there’s one person in the room who’s going to get it, I’ll go ahead and not worry about the rest.

I just about never risk a joke or a wisecrack with my boss. I used to not joke with my in-laws for the same reason.

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You know, I’m thinking that the people closest to me all get some of my jokes, different ones for different people.

My husband is very smart and pretty funny, but is not interested in pop culture or anything ‘new’.

My kids are smart and interested in pop culture, but don’t have the experience or exposure to get older references or adult humor all the time.

My best friend is extremely funny, has the experience and exposure, but is not really in to ‘deeper’ things.

If I could combine them all, then all my jokes would be understood 100% of the time!

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@eponymoushipster Gay Best Friend or Gay Boyfriend

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Auggie got it. <3

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None. Sometimes my jokes are even lost on me but I just say what the voices tell me. :)

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@asmonet i figured, but wasn’t sure.

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Only a couple of people in the world seem to get all of my jokes. Luckily my husband is one of them. Some people don’t get the same kind of movie references. Some people don’t get the geek culture references. Some stuff is just about history with that particular person and someone else probably wouldn’t get it.

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My wife gets all of them. I love to make her laugh, so it works out well.

I had a best friend for years and we were very much on the same wavelength. Sadly, I rarely see him now.

Happily, I’ve found a good number of folks on Fluther seem to get my jokes. So that’s nice.

although on a recent question about “Freudian slips”, I mentioned “Jungian Camasoles” and you could here crickets chirping ;^|

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right now, and for several years, there’s no one who even half gets most of what i say, let alone jokes. i’m for real on this. it’s starting to weird me out, and i rarely speak these days. and if ppl wonder, i mostly talk about common things. it’s not like i’m all over obscure, arcane stuff. turning your question around, i seem to not “get it” on a surprising number of adult jokes. that’s odd too. i’m not unfamiliar with the territory : )

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@cprevite: I got it. That is pure gold right there.

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My mom, my husband, and my sister closest in age

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@cprevite, I got it too.

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See, this is why I love my fellow a Flutherites.

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One person gets all my jokes – and that person is me.

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The important thing for anyone saying something funny, is to know the people hearing it will understand it.
My best friend, who gets most of humor, doesn’t understand a lot of the work history, so she wouldn’t understand a lot of what I say there.
I know several people who understand most of what I say, but sometimes I am obscure enough to get those blank stares, or they look at me wondering if I am serious or not.
For example, a co-worker was talking about the Astrology. I told him I was an Aries, and Aries people don’t believe in astrology. He asked if I understood what I just said.

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At this stage it might be more useful to ask “how many people do I know who believe that I am the joke?”

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Actually this is a wonderful question, because a major reason I look forward to Thanksgiving is that some of the funniest people on earth will be at our place for dinner. Three of the criminals are true masters at twisted humor, and it’s actually risky to eat when the 3 of them start at it. Here’s one that left me spewing champagne from my nose (before dinner) Q) Why should we all look forward to Alzheimer’s? A) You can hide your own Easter eggs.

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Here’s a revived version of this question in November of 2015.

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