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Why do they call diamonds a girl's best friend?

Asked by cheesecake (23points) April 21st, 2009
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It was a very famous song sung by Marilyn Monroe, that’s where most people will know it from and it as caught on ever since.

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From the movie of the same name, yes?

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Diamonds are a girls’ favorite accessory and they love to splurge on diamonds..may be that is why the saying goes well with girls.

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Because they blink.
Because they are expensive.
And because they are forever.

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because women love sparkley things… and diamonds are as shiney as you can buy…

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My wife has to have something to pal around with… because my best friend is a 60” plasma tv with high def and a surround sound system (not really.. I just wish I had one).

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@NaturalMineralWater ohhh they’re sooo nice… you need to get one dude, you’ll never think of football/any sport/any movie the same way again.

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Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end
But square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don’t lose their shape


you might say they are a hedge against inflation!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Once I get out of this darn prison.. I mean once my tour is over I plan to get one back in the states.. nothing like the big game in high def.. surround sound.. it will be like I’m on the pitchers mound… or on the fifty yard line… or standing next to Tiger….

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Because apparently some girls really have no social lives.

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I always assumed it was because “they” figured all women were really shallow and only attracted to shiny things. In other words, I never quite got the saying in question.

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@srmorgan, I was just going to quote that lyric. “Diamonds” are a metaphor, y’all.

Back in the days when that song was written, a woman usually needed the support of a man to survive, and women knew that the sentiment expressed in the song was exactly the case; a woman could get by as long as she kept her looks and was able to attract men, but when they started to fade, a wise woman knew her replacement was coming along shortly and she had better have something in reserve. Just the cold, hard facts of survival, and Jule Styne put it into a catchy song.

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@aprilsimnel—I agree and that is why I included the line about hedging against inflation. It’s not only money that is subject to inflation, so are the hips and the butt and whatever else.


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Portable wealth.

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Because the diamond companies, DeBeers in particular, invested millions of dollars into embedding that concept in people’s minds. Diamonds, as with most gems, are really worthless hunks of minerals; it’s only when they are seen as glamorous and desirable (combined with their perceptual rarity) do they become a commodity where people want to pay lots of dollars in return for acquiring one.

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The song comes from the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and Marilyn Monroe sang it in the movie but the song is also associated with Carol Channing who did a funnier version.

The thing to remember is that the “ladies” in the movie were gold diggers, they were out eke out whatever they could from older men and it is not an allegory about women being dependent on men, quite the contrary, it is actually about female independence, although said independence is not achieved the way we would think of it today.


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Marketing, marketing, marketing.
Before the turn of the last century, diamonds were not that sought after. Then DeBeers decided that everyone should have a diamond and made a huge push for diamond engagement rings. The rest is history and now people (men mostly) pay a month or more in wages for an engagement ring for their gal.

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@Dorkgirl Lucky for me my wife sees through the facade! (not true.. but I can dream can’t I?)

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thank-u guys!!

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@NaturalMineralWater—well, I love a diamond, I admit. But it seems utteryly ridiculous for a woman to expect her fiance to go into hock to buy her some doo-dad. My ring cost about $300 and I bought if for myself. My husband reimbursed me, but it seemed so extravagant at the time.

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Diamonds Go With Anything :) And Can Make A Outfit.

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Because girls adore diamonds and they think that every girl must a diamond piece. I myself own a diamond pendant and earrings. They are just amazing!

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