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What should I know before buying a Wii and Xbox 360? Additional Qs inside.

Asked by jlm11f (12378points) April 21st, 2009

As some of you already know, I have become slightly obsessed with the Wii as of late and so have decided to buy one for myself. My brother wants to buy the Xbox 360, groan which I have no interest in whatsoever, but I was wondering if we would get a better deal if we tried to buy the two together? Should I just try bugging bargaining with the folks at GameSpot?

ALSO, the Wii I currently play with is my roommate’s, and my Mii in it has racked up a lot of points and even PRO in some sports. So I wanted to know if there’s a way I could move my Mii from her Wii to my Wii using a physical card as opposed to using the Mingle feature? Yes, I do realize how ridiculous and dirty that sentence sounds. For reasons I’d rather not go into, she doesn’t want her Mingle feature enabled, plus I am pretty sure she doesn’t have internet to connect her Wii too (assuming that’s how the mingling happens?).

Bonus – I know that I want Mario Kart and Wii Fit for sure. But if you have any other games to recommend, go for it! I am 20 years old, and prefer games that involve actual physical activity as opposed to sitting down and using the Wii remotes as a controller. But I am still open to all suggestions. Don’t focus too much on the bonus though, because I already read the amazing answers posted on this question by bythebay and this one by dandydear about it.

Lastly, and this is really rhetorical, but WHY IN THE WORLD is this thing and its games so darn expensive???? I haven’t bought a console in too long, but the amount of profit they must be making on these systems is kind of sickening. Ok, end rant.

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I LOVE my Wii. I just got Wii Carnival Games and it is fun, fun, fun!!!

I tend to like triva games. Smarty Pants is good, and I like the Big Brain Academy.

The Price is Right is fun too. Especially, if you ever wanted to go on the show.

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I have played Zelda and Metroid on Wii, and both were excellent. I must admit though, I prefer my 360. Gears of War and Halo 3 are unbeatable classics.

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How darest thou to to even mention the WiiK in the same sentence as the home of HALO3?

Sorry, Master Chief fanatic here ;)

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@TaoSan I know. I know. I’ll go get a double kill to repent.

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That definitely calls for an Overkill!

Snipe away…. ;)

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If I had an xbox, I’d put xbmc (or maybe one of the forks) on it and make it into an awesome media center.

Rock Band is much better on the xbox.

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the wii is an excellent system, despite its limitations. My advice to you is to not update it to version 4.0, and use the Twilight Hack on it. We use the wii to watch data discs (save space by converting your TV shows to avi), play home-made games (which are really good) and, of course, to play Wii games.

Get Metroid, Mario galaxy, Wii Fit, House of the Dead Overkill, and a few gamecube games. Message me for more on the Wii, I use it for more than just a few games, and might be able to trsf your Mii data.

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Also, going along with the media center idea. You can’t run the latest flash on the wii, which means you can’t watch hulu or similar websites with it. With the xbox you can watch hulu, netflix, etc.

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Why would I need my Wii to do what my TV and computer will do? And my iPhone…

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I love my Wii Fit! Actually my entire family loves it, including my 6yr old. There are several “games” for it, too!

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Buying games for the Wii is like walking through a land mine. The vast majority of Wii games are of below average quality, and a significant percentage of them are unimaginably horrid. There are definitely good games for the Wii, but you have to be very careful. Do not, under any circumstance, buy a Wii game on impulse without researching it beforehand.

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@PnL, you CAN transfer your Mii, either by mail (if you’ve exchanged friend codes. You can’t edit it once you get it, though) or by putting it on your Wii remote—it has a tiny bit of built in storage. You can do either from the Mii station.

If you want physical gameplay, definitely pick up the bargain-priced (and unwieldy-titled) New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis. Best tennis game EVAR!

Also, you should check out the games you can download for “WiiWare.” There’s some reasonably-priced gems on there. It’s $15, but I would unequivocally recommend World of Goo. You can download a demo for your computer to see if you like it. It’s great. Also on WiiWare, Megaman 9 and Bit.trip:Beat are very challenging, but good retro fun.

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@PnL: You might want to look into Wario Ware. It’s really, really weird, but you might like it.

As far as gamespot, you never know until you try. At the very least, pretend like you’re not sure about the xbox, and maybe they’ll throw in some accessories.

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1 in every 3 0r 4 xbox 360’s gets the red ring of death

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Update – I took the plunge and bought a Wii last weekend! My brother backed out of the Xbox360 idea (sorry @TaoSan) and decided to chip in for the Wii with me! So far we have Wii Fit, Wii Sports and some NBA game he wanted. I am looking into trying to figure out this twilight hack stuff (@unused_bagels) and I shall PM you for more info later on this week. I read an article on lifehacker talking about converting your Wii to a dvd player but I am going to hold off on that since I already own 2 dvd players.

Thank you jellies for all the advice!

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