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Do we really need days like the upcoming mother's day to show our love for our dear ones?

Asked by cheesecake (23points) April 22nd, 2009
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I might be in the minority with this opinion because I know not everyone has a good relationship with their mother but I’m okay with a Mother’s Day because I love my mom to death and after all she has done for me in my life, I view it as a specific day to honor her and other mothers out there.

As far as really needing specific holidays to show love for our loved ones? Not necessarily because that is something that most people would do anyway throughout the year I would imagine.

And welcome to Fluther, cheesecake. =)

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My mother gave me life-it doesn’t kill me to give her a Hallmark card.

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Of course not. There’s nothing stopping you from picking up the phone and calling your parent right now and telling them of your appreciation for them. Or expressing a deeply felt emotion when with them (such as telling them how much you appreciate spending time with them).

I do this with my mother all the time (and vice versa), and we have a wonderful relationship.

I certainly do not subscribe to these silly marketing holidays and the associated bullshit. My love is better expressed via words or effort than by spending $5–10 on a mass manufactured card made by someone who only wants my money. If I feel creative I will make the recipient a card or present with materials I have in my giant art stash. This to me is a much better present, not only is it one of a kind and custom made to the person, but I feel that the expression is more sincere when you actually put effort towards something versus going down to the store and buying a funny card with a cat on it.

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We shouldn’t. If you love and appreciate your mother/father/partner then they should know it and things like Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be necessary. If you have to set aside a special day to let them know you care, you’re doing it wrong. And if you don’t care, then you shouldn’t really pretend to.

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Not at all. I don’t believe in mothers/fathers/valentines day and if I want to do something special for someone I love I certainly won’t wait for one of these hallmark holidays. Having said that, I am starting to feel the same way about Christmas and Easter nowadays. Holidays are really just a card shops way of making money and a lot have lost their true meaning.

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No, we don’t.

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Do we need those holidays? Nah. But I still think they’re a nice excuse to shower affection on our mommies. We could do it every day, and many people express appreciation often… having one special day just for them is nice too!

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There should be a children’s day

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@Facade For many, many, many families, every day is Children’s Day.

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