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How can i get rid of this scratch?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) April 22nd, 2009

I scraped my ankle about a week and a half ago and got a scratch. it wasnt that bad, so i didnt really do anything about it. i have type one diabetes so i know it takes longer to heal, but not too long ago it started to get very itchy and it looks bigger and worse. i am putting antibacterial ointment on it and then a bandage but it is not doing any better. someone help….. it really itches. P.S. yes i have tried anti-itch cream but it doesnt help much.

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If you have diabetes, and a scratch that won’t get better, I would high-tale it over to the doctor to have it looked at.

Good luck.

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Doctor. Now.

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i honestly dont think it is that bad, i wouldnt really want to pay $60 just to go to the docter and for them to say you have a scratch here is how to make it better. if it gets worse i will go.

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With all due respect, the $60 you pay for that doctor visit might be the best $60 you ever spend.

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What asmonet said…
Might be a nasy infection… A friend of mine got something lke you describes, and lost two fingers on his hand from i…..

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@madmax303: A scratch that gets infected plus diabetes is a much bigger deal than just an infected scratch. Rather than lose your foot from stupidity, lose $60 towards your health.

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never mind—found out i was allergic to band aids and it is a rash—

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