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Would you live a fast life of crime and intrigue?

Asked by Horus515 (764points) April 22nd, 2009

I am asking you, but I know my answer, and its no. Maybe a few years ago but now, no. I ask because I have a friend I knew since we were both 11 or so, growing up in the New Mexico Desert. Nowadays he lives a fast and exciting life in and around the famed Californian “Emerald Triangle”. Sometimes I’ll hear from him and he won’t even be in the country. He makes more in one year than I make in five. He has wild and very fun sounding stories. He’s always asking me to drop everything and work with him. Mostly I laugh when he asks and change the subject. What do you think? Would you do it?

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It’s a short life.


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who says i’m not right now?

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Nope. My life may be slow but with two teenagers in the house there is plenty of intrigue. I certainly hope no crime is involved as I do not like jail food.

Remind your friend of two things:

” fast, die young…” – Pretty Boy Romano, as played by John Derek

“You can’t take it with you when you die.” – Proverb

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I already live a fast life of (legal) crime and intrigue. It’s not that bad. Shame on me I won’t be able to tell to my nephews.

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It’s all about the adrenalin high and that can age you very quickly. Any criminal activities necessitate harming others. If your friend is OK with damaging others to get his jollies, is he the kind of person who can be a friend.

@eponymoushipster Yours is the face of someone who is living a very fast life lol

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@galileogirl it is. i’m like a monkey Lou Reed.

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Well, he’s kinda like a nomadic farmer, and a bulk transporter, lol. Maybe somebody is getting hurt but he’s not doing any direct hurting. Indirect hurting accusations are definitely debatable. Read about the Emerald Triangle in Cali. It’s like a whole other world out there. As far as whether he can be a friend…well he used to sleep at my parents house and we would hang out in PJ’s when we were but tiny tikes…he didn’t start having a green thumb til were thirteen or so…but he was talented even then, and that was 16 years ago.

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‘fraid I’m gonna have to take the 5th on that one ;)

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No way. My ex husband and I were friends with a couple who spent two years growing pot on their rental house property and they were under constant stress of being found out. They also did a bit of neighborhood politicking and trade in order not to be told on, all this so they could move out of state and buy open land in another state… to grow more pot.

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Sure. Live fast; die young. Ennui and melancholy would never set-in.

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@Horus So what you are saying is it’s OK to hurt people as long as one doesn’t have to look them in the eyes while one does it. Sounds like a pusillanimous narcissist. Nice role model.

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