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What controversial topics(besides the major ones eg:abortion, same-sex marriage, etc) are there that i can talk about?

Asked by ralphinator (20points) April 22nd, 2009

i need to present a speech about a controversial topic, and i can’t think of one that really interests me.

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Nuclear power, stem cell research, “clean coal”, climate change, death penalty, etc.

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Euthanasia, justness of drug testing to get a job, don’t ask/don’t tell…

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The mercy killings.

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Ban of smoking in public buildings or breastfeeding in public.

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Ooh ooh. I just heard a story on NPR about how some schools are petitioning their local governments to be allowed to strip search their students if they suspect them of carrying drugs. Controversial

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Lowering the legal age to drink alcohol.

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Allowing students on college campuses to carry weapons. What a stupid idea.

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Ethics in economy.

Well, ethics in whatever.

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Animal rights.

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Trans fat regulations at restaurants.

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Whether or not it’s okay to get pregnant just to sell the newborn baby to a high-end restaurant for a profit.

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The American health care system, it’s a mess. Why the richest country in the world, who spend hundreds of billions a year on their military can’t use some of their budget to save the lives of their own is beyond me

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Selling organs

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Whether or not Qingu should be committed to a mental institute :)

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the ganja.

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“Teaching the controversy”- that is, whether creationism should be given equal weight to evolution in education.

Neurolaw- should the physiology of a criminal’s brain have an effect on judicial proceedings, in light of new technologies that allow us to more accurately discern and analyze abnormalities.

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Gambling laws and state lotteries.

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I agree the health care system is a good one.
The prison industrial complex is a good one.
Re-configuring the constitution is interesting.
Benefits of herbal & preventative medicine.
Cultural appropriation.
Taking down dams (see Klamath River)
Alternative Energy Sources

What are your interests in real life?? We might be able to help better if we knew.

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Socialism or torture

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America’s involvement in Israel tends to rile people on both sides of the argument up…

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Oh I forgot to mention you can always argue the possibility of alien life. That is a fun one.

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Factory farming

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The death penalty.

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All of george bush’s lies, 9/11, saddams WMDs etc.

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Oh here’s another one: Genetically Modified Foods
And more recently corn oil/energy

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oh wow thanks these are all good topics :)
i was thinking about proposition 1F, but im not sure yet what i want to do..

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politics and religion, to be unspecific….

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Extraterrestrials, reincornation, voohoo witch craft…......

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