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I'm new to Fluther. How do you respond to what someone wrote?

Asked by joybells34 (359points) April 22nd, 2009

I want to respond to some of the things people write but how do I do that?

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Type ”@” and then start to type their screen name. A list should pop up at the bottom of your text box with all the names that match what you have so far for the screen name (you can type it in entirely if you want, but it’s often easier to just click the right one). When you enter your text it will highlight it red letting whoever you’re talking to know it’s for them.

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Use @username, but replace “username” with the username.

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You can also just type your response, if you’re responding to the questioner.

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If you would like to respond to more than one person, you can do it in one post like this:

@eambos GA!

@westy81585 GA!

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@jonsblond @andrew @eambos @westy81585 I think I got it now. Thank you so much!!!

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@joybells34 Welcome to fluther!

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In Haiku. That’s how we like it here. Yep, that’s the ticket.

I don’t do it, though. I’m just badass like that.

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I can be badass
And haikus are badass too
Respond in haiku

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you’re not a badass
If your haikus are crappy
you’re just an emo

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what jonsblond said about replying to multiple members in one post instead of individually as they comment, I just learned that myself

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Haikus and emos?
They do not go together
Their poems are crap

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I’m just responding to your question with a greeting, @joybells34 since you’ve already received nice answers to your query. Welcome to Fluther. =)

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