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Do you feel that a position on gay marriage should influence the decision of who is Mrs. America?

Asked by Crusader (576points) April 22nd, 2009

Current events. Mrs. California’s answer
on the question was speculated to have been the reason why she was not chosen.

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I admire anyone who stands for what they believe in. So it wasn’t pc, who gives a crap.

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Incidentally, the judge, Hilton, a self-professed gay man,
asked the question. He was interviewed on Larry King,
along with another man who was opposed. A spirited,
and cordial debate.

However, Hilton is quoted on his internet blog in a video cam sequence as saying qoute “She was just a dumb B…..h!”

You decide.

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Who cares what they say. The only reason they even have a talent section or ask them questions is to try and pass it off as something more than a beauty pageant. Until one them actually sets down their hairbrush and seriously thinks about world peace or hunger or whatever they claim to care about when they’ve got a mic in their hand I don’t care what they think.

Just give the tiara to the one with the best tits and ass and be done with it. Stop trying to dignify a meat market.

I don’t know who I’m directing this at, pageant people I guess.

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i don’t have much background with mrs. america, but i think one’s stance on actual subjects is more worthy of gaining a title than how nice the girl’s boobs/hair/teeth look.

i don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but i’m more likely to judge someone on whether they feel like two people in love should be allowed to marry or not than the overall glow of their tan.

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It’s not her stance that bothered me but her total lack of clarity. “opposite marriage”? Come on.

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While I don’t agree with her-she is entitled to her opinion.

I saw an interview with the winner and she said she was ahead of California all night in scores anyway, so it’s no big surprise that California lost.

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…yes- no more no less than individual or consensual opinion should be regarded as significant…

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No. It’s a beauty pageant. Everyone knows that. I am surprised after all of her years of training for pageants that she had the nerve to give her honest opinion. She had probably been quizzed on potential questions and given the politically correct answers to use if asked certain hot topic questions by her advisors. While everyone may not agree with her answer, she, as an American, has the right to give her own answer rather we like it or not. Her advisors probably had a stroke when she answered the way she did . I do applaud her nerve, as they are trained to do and say what it takes to win.

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I think when you have someone like Perez Hilton as a judge—someone who is famous mainly for being famous, but who is also known for being an outspoken gay jerk—then it’s hard to see how a position on gay marriage would not influence the judging.

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So Paris Hilton, who happens to be gay, asked the woman a question regarding gay marriage and his beliefs should not factor into his decision? Um, that’s what judges do. They judge women not only on beauty (which means their own personal belief of what’s beautiful) but on her world view. I would hope that Paris’ sexuality would have nothing to do with the matter. Had a strait man asked the question, would it be any different? The point is that regardless of her personal views, that one vote by one judge in one segment of the contest was not why she lost. I’m sure the other judges would hope that the woman they pick is not only beautiful, but modern thinking and open minded. I give her credit for saying what she believes, but I, like many others, do not agree with her. I’m glad she lost. The other girl was prettier anyway, fwiw.
I think of it like a political race. You judge the candidates on all the points you’re supposed to, and compare his or her stance to your own. That’s how you pick who to vote for. Since some genius decided they should have a beauty contest that includes brains, her stance on issues is also judged.

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The winner of a beauty pageant represents the organization that puts on the pageant. If a contestant says something that raises eyebrows, then the organization has a right not to “hire” her, especially since it is all pretty much an advertising campaign.

Besides, she was behind in points generally, and is just showing the world that she shouldn’t have won because additionally she is immature and won’t accept the consequences of her actions.

Sour grapes. Feh!

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Is she married? What’s with all the Mrs?

Anyway, uh, YEAH! It should matter. If I understand it correctly, Miss America is to be marketable, and the panel isn’t going to consider someone who doesn’t fit their idea of marketable. Anti-gay isn’t currently trendy or marketable, so it should be considered. I don’t mean that she should’ve lied about it- all candidates for all positions in life should be honest so we may choose the RIGHT person for the job, not the best liar.

I can’t believe people still care that gay people want to marry.

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And I forgot to mention she answered the question like a bumbling fool. She was uninformed, flustered, and didn’t even make sense.

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@elijahsuicide : I agree… that must have something to do with it too. She mucked it all up and was very arrogant about it. “In my family that’s what we believe,” and “sorry, but that’s how I was raised.”

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This does not seem like an intelligent answer, oh wait, is intelligence a factor?
Does anybody still care about these pageant things?

“We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage,” Prejean said. “And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offence to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

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“No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

Well, you were raised wrong.

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Yes, it should make a difference.
America should not be about discrimination, fear, and hate. Why should Miss America be in support of those things? Especially when she can’t express her ignorant beliefs in a coherent manner.

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I think her response sounded uninformed, inarticulate and ignorant. There are a million other ways she could have answered that and still ‘stood by what she believed in.’ Bah.

Miss “America” is supposed to represent her country which in this instance includes a lot of people she wouldn’t support the rights of.

including all of the hair and makeup people that go into making her look pretty

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@figbash – lol, kind of makes you wonder how she secured the title of Miss California, right? Miss Texas I could understand…

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Her answer didn’t make sense. It was almost as bad as “The Iraq” comment from that one girl. At least that one girl just looked silly, and could laugh at herself, she didn’t sound like a bigot.
Regardless of her opinion, she was not clear and did not present herself to the public in a way that Miss USA is supposed to.

It actually made me sad when I saw Perez’s face, I don’t think anyone was expecting her to say that, and it really looked like it hurt his feelings. I can’t imagine being told on national television that people like me shouldn’t be allowed to get married :(

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From the sound of that, it doesn’t even really sound like she understands her stance on gay marriage; she’s just blindly following her parents. “Just the way I was raised”. That’s people’s excuse for everything.

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yeah, she just thinks that she believes what she heard as she was being raised.

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@fundevogel has been crafting for hours…

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@elijahsuicide I hope there wasn’t any suspense, I started to write then decided against it and forgot to close the window. I can’t be the only one that does that.

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These women are meant to represent their states and the country. If a panel of judges, not jut Perez, decided that she did not adequately represent America or California, then so be it. It’s not like Perez was the only judge. I wouldn’t have voted for her because she can’t even put a proper sentence together.

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I’m not really sure what these pageants are for isn’t the main goal to pick the most beautiful women in a swimsuit?

I could care less what Miss America’s political views are. Isn’t she just suppose to smile wave and look pretty.

I would not want my daughters entering into any of these superficial contests but I would be proud if they graduated with a masters degree or spent the summer helping the poor.

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I’ll start by saying its a little ridiculous to think that someone shouldnt be thought of differently because of their beliefs when those beliefs directly effect other people -in this case homosexuals in the state of california. If you’re “Just an opinion” opinion could potentially endanger someone else’s freedom, you, just as that other person, are up for judging.

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@GAMBIT – The main goal of the pageants is to pick a pretty and charming face who can then enable the pageant company to make money. Some of the money goes to salaries and benefits for pageant employees, some of the money goes to running the next pageant, and some of the money goes to college scholarships.

One of my college roommates, the oldest of 12 children in a blue collar family, put herself through college with her pageant winnings. I suspect her parents are proud both of her Master’s degree and of her ability to figure out how to fund her education.

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@Darwin – good for her.

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Could we see a link for Mrs. California’s answer to the pageant question? This is interesting, I never knew there was such a thing as Mrs. America.

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@bea2345 There actually is a Mrs. America pageant – But this q should have said Miss America…

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Miss California has my sympathies. But surely one of the purposes of the question-and-answer session is to test the contestants’ behaviour under fire, as it were? You don’t have to lie, but there are ways to diffuse dissent.

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I hope the day will come when women do not have to parade around in their bathing suits in front of millions of people just so they can win a prize but hey I’m old fashion.

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I think the politically expedient thing for the main stream culture was to cut her head off as soon as possible.
The indoctrination continues-lucky we even have positive population growth in this country.

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Standing by your opinion is fine and dandy.
Sounding uninformed and inarticulate is another thing.

Though standing next to Miss Arizona, she doesn’t look so bad.

Kenan Thompson: Do you think the US should have
universal healthcare as a right of citizenship? Why or why not?

Miss Arizona: You know what? I think this is an issue of integrity
regardless of which end of the political spectrum that I stand on.
I’ve been raised in a family to know right from wrong. And politics,
whether or not you fall in the middle, the left or the right; it’s an issue of integrity
—whatever your opinion is. And I say that with the utmost conviction.

Miss USA non-answers could be its own niche of comedy.

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@Nimis Miss USA non-answers could take the place of Bushisms now that Bush is out of office. :)

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@GAMBIT – Why? Don’t men like to watch pretty girls walk around in bathing suits? I think it should go both ways, and the Mr. America pageant should be televised during prime time, too. Not every one likes to watch girls strut their stuff.

It isn’t like the little girl pageants where mom and dad (but generally mom) make the child do it. These women choose to enter the pageants because they are hoping to win, of course, or at the very least are hoping for media exposure and scholarship money.

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@Nimis – nice find. I was looking for other answers, but didn’t really try very hard.

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“I can’t believe people still care that gay people want to marry.”

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@Darwin – I forgot their was scholarship money to be had. Maybe they should continue asking questions so they can get a better idea of which pretty face is in most desperate need of an education.

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@fundevogel – Or possibly to determine who would make the most use of an opportunity to go to college. The ability to speak clearly and to the point in a non-confrontational manner would seem to me to make a young woman a good candidate for that.

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“Hilton, a self-professed gay man,”
“who is also known for being an outspoken gay jerk”

I wonder if that works the other way too:
“Crusader, a self-professed straight man,”
“who is also known for being an outspoken straight jerk”

na – doesn’t have the same ring to it… too bad

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Thank you all for your participation, especially, KalWest.And, Cal, I do not use obcenties to describe those who are not of my belief system, be thankful Cal, you are Elevated in USA above me and those like me, elsewhere you would be considered less than human or worse…

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Thank YOU especially krusader for bringing up this important topic. I do not believe, krusader, that I am Elevated above you in the USA – far from it. But, in any case, Krus, I am well aware there are other regions in the world where terrible abuse against gays, and women is commonplace. I hope you are doing all you can to make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear against this type of abuse. Wait – what am I saying – I’m sure you are: I just read your profile – it states” “Love and Accountability for All.”
Sweet ’-)

I don’t use obscenities either when addressing those I disagree with. Where did you find any obscenities, my brother?

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@Darwin – because I am a father and I would not want my daughters parading on stage googled at by the whole world. You think it is a good thing because they may get a scholarship. I disagree.

I don’t want my daughters to be judged by their appearance. Evidently you do not have a problem with that shallowness. Again we disagree.

I just hope everyone you meet has perfect teeth and a great figure because in your book that is all that matters.

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@GAMBIT – These women are adults. They can choose to enter or not. One hopes they would take their parents’ wishes into consideration, but if the parents aren’t willing or able to pay for college, then the women need to do what they feel is important to their own future.

In addition, these pageants aren’t all about great teeth and beautiful bodies. They do indeed include talent competitions as well as the ability to remained poised and lady-like in various situations. And no one wins if they can’t speak in an articulate and intelligent manner.

My daughter is never going to enter such a pageant in part because she doesn’t enjoy that sort of thing, and in part because she doesn’t need to because we started saving for college before she was actually born. However, if she wanted to do that I would support her choice.

All of us are judged by our appearance every day, even if we are not on a stage. Just try going to a job interview in torn jeans, a t-shirt with a rude saying on it, and uncombed hair. And what do you think happens when your daughters go to the beach? Or do you make your daughters wear the abaya and hijab whenever they go out of your house?

And personally, while I may admire someone with perfect teeth or a great figure, I am not so shallow as to insist on surrounding myself with people like that. We can disagree about the value of such pageants, but you do not have to attempt to insult me over it.

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@Darwin – The last I checked this was a message board and if I said anything insulting it would be taken off the site. I do not agree with your shallowness. If the cap fit where it. If not then don’t.

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@Darwin – please delete my last post. I am having a horrible day today and I am arguing with everybody.

I’m sorry you have gotten in my path. I should not be fluthering today.

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A vacuous women, but who cares what her opinion is on anything. She looks hot..that is what she was there to flaunt..let her be.

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A couple of clarifications -

- the controversy surrounded the Miss U.S.A. pageant, not the Miss America pageant. Miss U.S.A. is run by Trump.

- the Miss. U.S.A. pageant does not have a talent section – it is solely about image.

- as a representative, it is important for the winner to be able to attract all segments of the population, and if you create a controversy, you are not doing that.

I think that the question itself was unfortunate. Because of the issues surrounding Prop 8 at the time, however, it was inevitable. She should have been prepared with a better answer, separating the legal and equality issues from the ones about opinion. She didn’t, and it worked against her. Basically, she got a little blindsided and failed to do her job.

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